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All our guests begin their journey with us with a consultation to find out goals, needs and current lifestyle. Click the button below to book your first visit and at HAUS No3

Our consultation (1,800 THB) includes body composition testing, movement screen (FMS) and performance tests to create a custom design training program.

See our options below for more information about our custom designed training services at HAUS No3

Personal Training

Experience one-on-one training with a coach at your convenient time and day with a a custom designed training program. Our studio is designed for those who seek expertise and privacy in a unique environment. 

฿2950 - 2190 /visit

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Learn more about Personal Training at HAUS No3

Semi-private Training

Experience world-class training with your partner or friends (up to 3 people) with custom designed, individual training programs under the guidance of a coach. Our studio is designed to accommodate small groups that are looking for results and value quality.

฿1950 - 1390 /person & visit

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Learn more about Semi-private Training at HAUS No3

Remote Training

Experience our training systems and support with a custom designed online training program from HAUS No3 - with access to our training program application. This online solution is for those who see value in our expertise but who are unable to train with us on-site.

฿8900 for 12 weeks

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Learn more about Remote Training at HAUS No3

Nutrition Coaching

Get the support and guidance you need to reach your goals with custom designed nutrition coaching. This service is for those who are looking for either fat loss, improving performance or gain muscle with a proper nutrition strategy individualised according to your specific needs.

฿11900 for 12 weeks

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Learn more about Nutrition Coaching at HAUS No3

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