Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

The Habit Tracker was born from a realisation that in order to make a habit stick you need two things;

  • A regular reminder of the habit (making it obvious)

  • Instant gratification of performing the habit (making it attractive and satisfying).

The Habit Tracker from HAUS No3 does both these things in a creative and smart way by using needles as a visual representation of your habits. The needles are initially placed on one side marked as "My starting point". For every time you complete a habit (we recommend that you chose one habit that is done daily and with ease) you move the needle to the other side of the canvas marked as "Where I want to be". Your habit tracker comes with 21 needles but you can of course add more as well as different colours, as you please. This way you are joining forces with everyone else that is working on self-improvement and #MoveTheNeedle to become a better version of yourself.  


Our recommendation is to place the Habit Tracker next to your toothbrush. This way you will get regular reminders of the habit from leaving it visible and the feeling of moving the needle from one side to the other whenever performing the habit is very satisfying and makes performing the habit more attractive. 


With the Habit Tracker from HAUS No3 you will increase your odds of making your habits “stick” by leveraging laws of behaviour and helping you to become the person you wish to be. 


And don't forget to use the hashtag #MoveTheNeedle when you are using your Habit Tracker.