Shift your focus – 5 things to work on during the gym lockdown rather than body composition

It is great to see how people in Bangkok won’t let the gym lockdown from COVID-19 effect their desire to train and stay healthy. High intensity (so called HIIT or HIT workouts) to do at home are dominating the web and social media right now, which makes it very easy to get a good sweat and muscle burn without the need of any equipment, especially when you turn off the air conditioning.

I understand that this kind of fast-paced strength/cardio workout fulfils its purpose of making you tired and is definitely enough to trigger endorphins to make you feel good afterwards. However, don’t be misled by the marketing around these workouts promising muscle growth, fat loss and a shredded physique.

When we look at what sport science is saying, then we know that there are far more effective training systems, such as a strength training program, that are usually more effective than chaotic bodyweight w