Shift your focus – 5 things to work on during the gym lockdown rather than body composition

It is great to see how people in Bangkok won’t let the gym lockdown from COVID-19 effect their desire to train and stay healthy. High intensity (so called HIIT or HIT workouts) to do at home are dominating the web and social media right now, which makes it very easy to get a good sweat and muscle burn without the need of any equipment, especially when you turn off the air conditioning.

I understand that this kind of fast-paced strength/cardio workout fulfils its purpose of making you tired and is definitely enough to trigger endorphins to make you feel good afterwards. However, don’t be misled by the marketing around these workouts promising muscle growth, fat loss and a shredded physique.

When we look at what sport science is saying, then we know that there are far more effective training systems, such as a strength training program, that are usually more effective than chaotic bodyweight w

orkouts with the main goal to make you tired and sweaty, at least when it comes to altering your physique by adding muscle mass. But this kind of training style requires enough resistance which is most conveniently done by using weights.

But instead of seeing this as our loss, why not take the opportunity to shift our focus for the time being and and work on things that we can do without access to weights and gym equipment, things that we normally might neglect and thereby make progress in other areas of your fitness that will contribute to your long-term fitness goals.

1. Mobility

Mobility is the ability to have enough range of motion in your joints to move freely and with

out compensation. It is a crucial factor for adequate movement, which builds the foundation for your performance including strength, power and speed. You can improve the quality of your training and reduce risk of injury by expanding your body’s movement capacity. Most mobility drills do not require any tools or space and are therefore great to do at home. If you don’t know what to do, you can find highly effective mobility drills by HAUS No3 right here; on our YouTube channel.

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2. Technique

Have you ever done a squat not for the sake of making your muscles tired but to actually become a better squatter? If not then now is a good time to work on your form. A squat is a complex movement and doing it effectively and safely requires practice. Again, once you figured out the “how to” for yourself, you will put yourself in the right position for some serious progressions.

If you are looking for some education about exercise technique, here's a simple but fundamental video where I'm explaining about pelvic control - one of the most important concepts to grasp and master before moving on to compound, more technical movements and exercises.

3. Skill

The body is an amazing construct. It can adapt to almost anything and everything. We can use this potential to teach him so many things. Maybe you always wanted to be able to do a push up, a pull up or even a handstand. The goal is to work on your nervous system until it is able to control your body in the way you need it for a particular movement. Things like building muscle and calorie burn will be a nice byproduct along the way. Enjoy the process!

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4. Balance and Stabilization

Yoga and Pilates are certainly powerful systems when it comes to improve balance and strengthen your stabilizers, especially around the core. For those of you who are focused mainly on strength and hypertrophy by lifting heavy on a regular basis, you might consider your home workout as an opportunity to move through the exercise in a more mindful and controlled manner. Don’t see it as a regression, it will only benefit your lifts in the long run.

5. Building a Routine

This is probably the key to achieve any fitness related goal. Physical change does never occur over night, not even over two or three. It takes time. Only through consistent effort it’s possible to get results, there is no way around it. Therefor your training needs to be part of your routine, like brushing your teeth before going to bed. It has to be developed as a habit, deeply integrated into your daily structure. This has nothing to do with what exercises you do but rather to make sure you are getting them done on a regular basis. Whatever your train program is, also train the aspect of maintaining it. Being at home anyway gives you a good condition to start.

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About the author

Lothar Markert is a German native, his mom is Korean, a former national team Taekwondo athlete and he has lived in Bangkok since 2017. He is currently the Operations Manager at HAUS No3 and the eminent host of the widely popular public speaking event HAUS Talks.

You can learn more about Lothar here.