Fat loss; 3 harsh truths that you need to know

Have you ever decided to try a fat loss diet, but failed? Joined a gym but after a few weeks quit? Signed up for a fat-loss challenge with zero results?

If yes, you are not alone. In fact, we hear this all the time and many people that come to HAUS No3 for personal training here in Bangkok tell the same story of ‘trying but failing’. Listening to these stories have taught us a thing or two about the reality of fat loss and this article reveals the 3 harsh truths that you need to know if you want to successfully lose fat.

FAT LOSS TRUTH #1 - Patience Rome wasn’t built in one day and the same goes for losing fat. It’s very important to realize that it will take time to lose fat, especially for sustainable and healthy fat loss with minimal loss of muscle mass. A good rule of thumb for fat loss is to aim for a weight loss of 0,5-1 kg per week (depending on your starting weight) and that usually means a calorie deficit of 300-600 kcal per day (again, depending on your starting weight). If you do the math, you can then count backwards and estimate how long it will take to reach your fat loss goal (i.e. losing 10 kg would take anywhere from 10-20 weeks). FAT LOSS TRUTH #2 - Resilience Nothing great comes easy. Knowing that your journey to fat loss will from time to time be uncomfortable is very important. In fact, you can view slight discomfort (occasional hunger, avoiding temptations and doing the extra workout) as a positive sign instead - as you can actually feel the moment when you are making progress and creating change.

When you look at it from that view, you start to welcome and embrace those moments of slight discomfort as important milestones along your fat loss journey.

FAT LOSS TRUTH #3 - Acceptance No one is perfect, we are all human and naturally we make mistakes from time to time. This means that during your fat loss journey you have to accept that you will most likely make some mistakes and occasionally ‘fall of the wagon’ along the way. Such as over-eating, drinking too much alcohol, missing workouts and not taking care of your sleep well. The most important thing here is to identify the cause of why you made them, learn from those mistakes and to implement strategies that helps you avoid them in the future.

CONCLUSION After coming to terms with the 3 truths for successful fat loss listed above; you can understand why we always promote and push for the importance of enjoying the process of living a healthy lifestyle (eating and drinking well, exercising and moving regularly and recovering enough to allow your body to adapt and respond). Because if you don’t enjoy or at lest appreciate and feel the difference it does to not only your body shape but also your inner health, performance and energy levels - sticking to the program for the long term will be a losing battle. So, find the healthy food you like, the nutrition strategy that works for you, the daily movement routine that invigorates and excites/relaxes you and you’re well on the way to successfully reach your fat loss goal.


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