The ARINUM story - the world's most advanced air pollution mask

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You can find Airinum masks to try and for sale at HAUS No3 (available to order HERE for 2400 THB)


The Arinum story started when Alexander, one of the co-founders of the company, moved from his home country Sweden to Ahmedabad, India on a university exchange program in the fall of 2014. Shortly after arriving to India he noticed his long-gone asthma problems returning and realized he was becoming another victim of air pollution.

After researching the available options of air pollution masks, he quickly found that the masks on the market were primitive and lacking in all areas of function, fit and design.

After returning to Sweden, a country with almost no air pollution, Alexander got together with three of his friends and decided to do something about the problem that a lot of people in other countries face across the world today; the ability to breathe healthy, clean air. And this is how Airinum was born.

After months of development, and a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that gathered up €70,743 (2,5+ million THB) from 1,386 backers, Airinum began selling their masks online on December 1st, 2017.

Airinum co-founders in Stockholm, Sweden


Different from many masks today, Airinum’s urban breathing mask has changeable filters. This means you can simply change the filter (every 100 hours is recommended) and keep using the shell of the masks and valves.

The three-layer, hi-tech filter technology protects against up to 99 per cent of viruses, bacteria, allergens and smog (external tests showing superior filtration efficiency than regular N95 filter mask requirements set forth by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).

The two custom-made exhalation valves makes breathing easier than traditional masks (many with only a single valve) and allows warm, moist air out of the mask to prevent condensation and discomfort.

The fit and material of the mask has been carefully developed to follow the contours of the wearer’s face and the website has a size fitting table to help with choosing the right size for your face (The mask comes in five sizes to suit both children and adults).

The adjustable ear loops and an elastic binding surrounding the mask also help to provide a tight seal around the face to minimize any air leakage.

In terms of the aesthetics of the masks - perhaps what Airinum is most known for - the look has been achieved in collaboration with renowned Scandinavian designers – Mattias Wiklund, the menswear pattern maker at Swedish fast fashion chain H&M, and Kemal Alidzikovic, who works with Swedish fashion/function brands such as Acne and Haglofs.

In summary, what makes Airinum masks different from other air pollution masks is; the superior protection, outstanding comfort and the Swedish design.


If you live in Bangkok, it’s not a matter IF you should get a air filter mask to protect against the pollution or not, the question is; what air pollution mask should you get?

By now, it‘s clear what brand we recommend and if you want your own Airinum masks for the same reason as us - comfort, efficiency, design and function - you can either buy online, pick up your own by visiting our concept store at HAUS No3 in Phra Kanong (please contact us before your visit), call or message at 0892952112 or find us on Instagram @hausno3.

If you live outside Bangkok or Thailand, Arinum offers FREE worldwide shipping directly via their website of all their products. Shipping usually takes 7-14 days.

You can find Airinum masks to try and for sale at HAUS No3 (available to order HERE for 2400 THB)


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