3 reasons why you should join our ENDURANCE program at HAUS No3

Are you looking to build a stronger heart and improve your cardio while breathing clean air? Do you want a training program to help with fat loss and improve body composition without the impact of running? Or do you need some extra motivation to focus more on endurance and take your fitness and performance to the next level while training alongside friends?

Continue below to learn 3 reasons why you should join our ENDURANCE program at HAUS No3. This 4-week cardio-focused semi-private training (SPT) program is scheduled on Saturday's from 10-11:15 am (75 min), beginning on April 21st and ending on May 12 th, 2018.

Register for ENDURANCE at HAUS No3. (April 21 - May 12, 2018)


Our cardio equipment at HAUS No3 has been carefully selected to be joint friendly and balanced when it comes to varying positions and postures when training. We have a lineup of some of the best pieces of cardio equipment available; the air bike, ski-erg, rower and VersaClimber, as well as the sled, of course.

These pieces of equipment all have their own unique benefits and together they can provide a great cardiovascular training stimulus with variety in what body parts used. This means that people with common injuries such as knee pain or back pain can find a way to still effectively train cardio pain-free. And not to forget, the joint-friendly and low impact training our cardio machines offer in a preventive way, even for those who currently aren't in pain.

In summary, our ENDURANCE program at HAUS No3 improves your cardiovascular fitness and keeps your joints happy at the same time.

Register for ENDURANCE at HAUS No3. (April 21 - May 12, 2018)


There are many opportunities to train cardio in a group in Bangkok, you can join a running group or sign up for group classes offered by most gyms and studios in town. But there are few places (if any) where you are guaranteed a ratio of maximum 4 people/group; meaning that the attention and quality of coaching has potential to be a lot higher than traditional group training.

At HAUS No3, we call this semi-private training; giving you an opportunity to train alongside friends and peers to help you push you a bit extra when needed while still keeping the training individualised and appropriate for you (thanks to the individual attention from a coach as well as from wearing a heart rate monitor).

If that wasn't enough, you will also get an individualised training program to follow on the weekdays in between the sessions and be in close contact with weekly updates from your coach throughout the 4-week program.

Register for ENDURANCE at HAUS No3. (April 21 - May 12, 2018)


As anyone living in Bangkok knows by now, the pollution and air quality is not encouraging for outdoor activities and is even often classified as dangerous. Knowing this, we have taken action and invested in air cleaning filters for our boutique studio for Blueair - a Swedish brand considered the world leading brand in the category of air purifiers.

We use our Blueair everyday to keep the air inside our gym as clean as possible for our guests, providing a healthy environment that encourages cardiovascular training.

Since installing our air filter in our boutique personal training studio, we have seen a great improvement in air quality indoors (up to 200% better air quality according to measurements), giving you another great reason why you should join our 4-week ENDURANCE program at HAUS No3.

You can register for our ENDURANCE program (April 21 - May 12) at HAUS No3 by emailing us or call 083-295 2112 (Thai and English).


The price for our 4-week ENDURANCE program (4 sessions total of 75 minutes each) is 4800 THB. This includes a high quality training environment of maximum 4 participants per group, a custom designed 4-week endurance training program and the use of a heart rate monitor during the sessions.

We are looking forward to help you build a stronger heart with a custom design training experience; offering quality coaching and guidance in a motivating and beautiful environment.

Our boutique personal training studio is located at Naiipa Art Complex, Phra Kanong (BTS exit 4), in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Register for ENDURANCE at HAUS No3. (April 21 - May 12)

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