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For the past decade Thailand and Asia has seen massive growth in people participating in fitness competitions and events, such as; Triathlons, running events, CrossFit and other similar competitions. Test of Will (ToW), an initiative brought to South East Asia by the distributors of Under Armour, Triple Pte.Ltd., is one of those fitness competitions.

2018 will be the 3rd year of Test of Will and it has been hugely successful due to being a fun event that creates a community and hype and allows people of various fitness levels to compete. Although most people compete at ToW for the fun and camaraderie, the prices for ToW are also very attractive, drawing interest from those with ambitions to come out on top (with cash prize money for the winners of close to 1000 USD, over 30.000 THB, on top of other prizes!)

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Some news for this years ToW 2018 is that there are three age groups, allowing people to compare their scores to same gender and age. The age groups are following:

  • 18-34 years

  • 35-44 years

  • 45+ years

Another new aspect of this years Test of Will competition is that there are no regional finals. Instead you will be ranked and compete against your frenemies in your own country over the competition weekend.

ToW consists of 4 exercises performed for 60 seconds with 20 seconds of rest between exercises. Each heat has 4 athletes and every athlete has a judge to count repetitions. This allows for a fair and honest matchup.

Test of Will is open for any resident of the following countries; Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. To participate, you simply register online or visit one of the official ToW Under Armour stores in your country.

The dates for ToW 2018 for each country are;

Singapore: 7-8 April

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 14-15 April

Bangkok, Thailand: 27-28 April

Brunei: 5-6 May

Jakarta, Indonesia: 5-6 May

Philippines: TBD (potentially May 12-13)

Join our FREE event “ToW 2018 Training Camp & Strategy Advice” - Saturday April 7th at 10 am at HAUS No3.


The 4 movements for ToW 2018 are following:

OVER UNDER: The athlete has to jump or step over a 50 cm hurdle with both feet, crawl under the hurdle and return to the starting position. A completed repetition is counted every time the athlete makes it over the hurdle without knocking it over and returns to the starting position. If the hurdle is knocked over, it must be put back to the original position by the athlete. Each completed repetition is worth 2 points.

DEADBALL SQUAT: The athlete must keep the deadball on their shoulder at all times for the repetition to count (arm position is irrelevant). Changing supporting shoulder or resting the weight on the ground is allowed but the repetition won’t be counted unless the squat is performed with the deadball resting on the shoulder. For a repetition to count, the athlete must touch the squat box with their butt at the bottom of the movement and come up to full extension of the knee and hips when standing. Each completed repetition is worth 1 point.

FARMER WALK: Athletes hold on to 2 kettlebells while walking up and down the 3m competition lane, around designated markers in a figure-8 pattern. Athletes are prohibited from dropping the weights at all times, even after the end of the 60 seconds. The Kettlebells must NOT be dropped, they should be placed on the ground in a controlled and safe manner. Anyone who drops the Kettlebells will receive a 10 point penalty. The athlete can re-grip the Kettlebells as long as they don’t touch the ground. Once the Kettlebells touch the ground, that exercise is over. Each completed 3m stretch is worth 2 points.

BEAR CRAWL: The athlete is responsible for attaching and securing his/her own harness before starting the exercise. Judges should assist them where possible to avoid any delays. The challenge begins with both feet behind the edge of the mat and ends with the athlete touching the buzzer at the end of the 3m competition lane. Both feet must clearly come back behind the mat every time the athlete returns to the starting position for that repetition to count. Both knees must not be touching the ground at all times during the exercise. Each 3m stretch correctly completed is worth 2 points.

The 4 movements included in ToW 2018 have been selected to allow for most amount of people possible to compete despite potential restrictions in mobility, keeping the movements low skill (simple and inclusive) but still challenging for those who are fit and ready to push the envelope and go for the win.

RSVP to our FREE event “ToW 2018 Training Camp & Strategy Advice” - Saturday April 7th at 10 am at HAUS No3.


As always, we strongly encourage anyone to get clearance from medical professionals before starting a training program as well as consulting with a coach that specialises in movement. Our system to screen movement at HAUS No3 is by using the Functional Movements Screen (FMS). This helps us find dysfunctions and pain in fundamental movement patterns and foundations of mobility and stability.

Book your consultation and FMS with HAUS No3 and get our expert advice that is custom designed according to your own specific needs.

In terms of training and conditioning for Test of Will 2018, there are of course many ways to work on this. One simple and easy to use guideline that also helps you integrate ToW specific training in your regular workout routine can be seen below:

By following the 14-day ToW training guide above, assuming you have sufficient and pain-free movement, you can prepare specifically for the challenge ahead with confidence!

For more advice and strategies - join our FREE event “ToW 2018 Training Camp & Strategy Advice” - Saturday April 7th at 10 am at HAUS No3.


If you are interested or planning on joining ToW 2018, don’t miss our “ToW 2018 Training Camp & Strategy Advice”, Saturday April 7th 2018 at 10 am at HAUS No3. This FREE workshop is lead by Henrik Olofsson, the head judge and director of programming for Test of Will 2018. If you want some inside tips and tricks to prepare for the competition we can guarantee there will be no other better to listen and learn from.

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