FREE WORKSHOP: Tips and advice for Test of Will 2018

Welcome to join our FREE workshop; “ToW 2018 Training Camp & Strategy Advice”, this Saturday (April 7th) at 10 am.

For the past decade Thailand and Asia has seen massive growth in people participating in fitness competitions and events, such as; Triathlons, running events, CrossFit and other similar competitions. Test of Will (ToW), an initiative brought to South East Asia by the distributors of Under Armour, Triple Pte.Ltd., is one of those fitness competitions.

2018 will be the 3rd year of Test of Will and it has been hugely successful due to being a fun event that creates a community and hype and allows people of various fitness levels to compete. Although most people compete at ToW for the fun and camaraderie, the prices for ToW are also very attractive, drawing interest from those with ambitions to come out on top (with cash prize money for the winners of close to 1000 USD, over 30.000 THB, on top of other prizes!)

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