A fitness game for your Songkran holiday - The Exerdice

For many people living in Thailand, April is a month associated with traveling. With the biggest holiday of the year, Songkran (Thai New Year), just around the corner, we thought it would be timely to share about our simple and fun fitness game - the Exerdice. Perfect to use with family and friends to stay active while traveling!

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We developed the Exerdice as a unique Christmas gift for our guests, to be used for fun and thereby encourage more movement. Of course, the idea of the Exerdice is not to replace a well designed training program, but to function as a compliment every now, providing a workout with randomly selected exercise. The response we have gotten from our guests since launching the product has been very positive and we have heard stories from people frequently bringing the Exerdice on their beach holiday, business trips and family gatherings.

Get your own Exerdice - global shipping!


The Exerdice is a fun and unique product, a perfect gift both for those who simply can't live without training but also serves for the individuals who aren't currently active and that need a spark of motivation.

The Exerdice is made from wood and the exercises laser engraved are following;

- Superman

- Squats

- Dish holds

- Burpees

- Lunges

- HAUS No3

The Exerdice is simple to use. You will simply roll the two dices and they will tell you what to do! But before you begin to play this fitness game you should decide on 2 main things that will set the framework for the activity:

  • Duration. You can either set a timer (e.g. 15 min) or you can decide on rolling the dice certain amount of times (e.g 10 times).

  • Jackpot. There are 5 exercises on the Exerdice. On the 6th side you will find our HAUS No3 logo. This logo can represent many things. For example; pick your own favorite exercise, perform XX kcal (according to number of repetitions show on the other dice) on a cardio machine or perform all 5 exercises on Exerdice for given repetitions.

  • Besides the suggestions above, you have a lot of options and your room for creativity is endless.

Get your own Exerdice - global shipping!


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