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The popularity of obstacle course races (Spartan, Viper Challenge, Tough Mudder, etc) has exploded over the last years and a lot of people are attracted to the physical and mental challenge it means to participate in such event.

THE OCR FITNESS TEST In order to help you prepare and train better for an obstacle course race (OCR), such as Spartan, we have created a guide called The OCR Fitness Test. Performing the test, following this guide, gives you an opportunity to measure your current fitness level and compare your scores to your gender and age group. This information you can then use in programming and training for your race, knowing more what specific quality you need to improve; stamina, strength or endurance. Subscribe to our newsletter and get access to download The OCR FItness Test.

9-WEEK ONLINE SPARTAN PROGRAM If you are looking to join the Spartan Race (Spartan Super or Spartan Sprint) in Chonburi, Thailand on May 19th, 2018 - now is a perfect time to start your specific training. At the time of writing this, it is around 2 months until race day and on Monday March 19th our 9-week online Spartan program kicks off. This program is not just designed specifically for obstacle course racing, it’s also individualized based on your needs and takes your movement weaknesses/dysfunctions in mind as well as your access to gym and equipment. This is what’s really unique about this program; the fact that it’s custom designed according to you and not a cookie cutter program that you can easily download for free online. To make it easier for our guests to follow this program we use FitBot - a software and training program platform that helps us create user friendly programs with videos and details on sets, repetitions, rest, tempo, etc. You simply follow the program, add notes and even your own videos of performing the exercises for a chance to receive feedback and coaching. Contact us to register for the 9-week online Spartan training program and we will send you the questionnaire, videos, login access and information you need to get started!

WELCOME TO HAUS No3 We are boutique personal training studio in Bangkok, Thailand - conveniently located next to Phra Kanong BTS station at Naiipa Art Complex. We offer personal training, semi-private training and remote training to those who value quality, privacy and training in a unique environment. Read about our story and book your consultation at HAUS No3 and experience it yourself today. Subscribe to our newsletter and get access to download The OCR FItness Test.

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