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The principles of flywheel training is nothing new, but it’s still rare to see in most gyms around the world so it deserves a brief introduction and explanation. The principle of flywheel training with the kBox from Exxentric works as follows;

One or more flywheels are attached to a the shaft with a strap attached to it. By rotating the shaft, the strap is rolled up on the shaft and the flywheel is put in motion. The magnitude of the force created when accelerating the flywheel is returned back to decelerate the rotation of the flywheel - very similar to a yo-yo effect. Click here to see the kBox4 in action.

The first documented flywheel device; “The Gymnasticon”, was invented in 1796 by Frenchman, Francis Lownden. And flywheel resistance training has been studied for almost 100 years already.

In the modern area, flywheel training began to re-surface again in the late 1980’s, when scientists tried to solve the problem with atrophy and bone loss during space travel. With support from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), Swedish scientists managed to succesfully develop a flywheel device that helped astronauts to maintain skeletal muscle strength and mass in space.

Since then, sport scientists and strength and conditioning coaches have seen the benefits of flywheel training and the positive training effects its has even within the earth’s atmosphere.

*Source: About Exxentric


The story of Exxentric started in the mid-1990’s when founders Fredrik Correa and Marten Fredriksson Sciences were ice hockey coaches, training talented elite junior players in Sweden with off-ice strength and conditioning.

“We had a lot of discussions about the talented players from different local teams that got recruited into our club in the early junior years. The problem was that they didn’t have any schooling in training, especially regarding the use of free weights. We felt that we spent a lot of time during their four junior years teaching them how to lift instead of improving their physique and performance to the extent that had been possible if they had been better lifters. Since they were strong and able kids it was frustrating that we couldn’t put enough load on them, since their lack of technique didn’t allow it”, says Fredrik.

This problem and frustration as coaches lead to lots of research and in 2011 the company Exxentric was founded, after years of behind the scenes working on flywheel devices to solve the problem that originated from technique and movement limitations wasting too much time during off-ice training. By that time a few more key people had joined the team, bringing engineering and business skills to the table, resulting in the release of kBox 1.0 (2011). kBox - short for “kinetic box” - has since seen 3 sequels and updates (kBox 4 was released in 2016) and the company is experiencing fine growth and recognition in both the fitness industry with commercial gyms as well as sport performance facilities and elite level strength and conditioning coaches.

*Source: About Exxentric


We have used the kBox at HAUS No3 every since we opened doors, in January 2017. As the first fitness facility and gym in Thailand and one of only a few in Asia, our guests has the unique opportunity to train on the kBox3 and benefitting from the principles of flywheel training at our boutique studio in Bangkok.

Based on the growing popularity, versatility and great benefits from flywheel training we suspect there is only a matter of time until more gyms in South East Asia see the benefit of the kBox and flywheel training.

Click here if you would like to book an appointment at HAUS No3 and get an introduction in flywheel training with the kBox from Exxentric.


At HAUS No3, we have made the conscious decision to specialise and focus all our energy on private training only (personal training, semi-private training, remote training), creating a training experience custom designed for you.

By keeping our our focus and expertise to one field, we believe we can provide a unique training experience in a private and beautiful environment.

If you are interested in becoming a guest at HAUS No3 - contact us or click here if you would like to book an appointment at HAUS No3 and get an introduction in flywheel training with the kBox from Exxentric.

HAUS No3 is located at Naiipa Art Complex, Phra Kanong (BTS exit 4), in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you are interested in becoming a guest at HAUS No3 - contact us or book a consultation.

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