5 reasons why you need a personal trainer - and how to make it work on a tight budget

Let’s start by defining what a personal trainer is according to us at HAUS No3;

"A personal trainer is an educated professional that you meet with, interact with, someone that knows you and about you, how you move, what you like, has insight about your training background, medical history and is aware of your goals. With that information, a personal trainer designs a training program according to your needs to improve your fitness and health. Traditionally, a personal training session is delivered in a one-on-one personal training session but it can also be done with semi-private training (2-3 people) or remote (online) training".

Below are our top 5 reasons why you need a personal trainer:

1. ACCOUNTABILITY perhaps one of the biggest reason why people hire a personal trainer is the accountability aspect. Setting an appointment, making a commitment and knowing that someone is expecting you to show up at a certain time and day is very powerful in adherence to a program and training routine. In addition, a great personal trainer will also use the power of accountability to follow up with goals, training and nutrition adherence, etc.

2. GOAL SETTING can easily be forgotten and needs consistent review and follow up. Setting goals require some thought and soul searching, so without the guidance from a great personal trainer it’s no surprise that goal setting is often lost. Considering that setting goals will dramatically increase your chances of being successful with your training - a great personal trainer takes care of this part.

3. HAVING A REASON WHY you are doing a certain movement or exercise should always be valid. Surprisingly, this is often forgotten, neglected and misunderstood among trainers. It’s easy to be distracted and seduced by tools and fancy looking exercises. but a world class personal trainer will have principles and a system that supports the reasoning and "why" to what you are doing X in the gym.

4. KNOWING WHAT to do should be closely related to your goals, background and current movement abilities. What to do when training (i.e. exercises) is usually the most obvious and tangible aspect of what a personal trainer delivers. But since you can find thousands of free downloadable programs on Google or follow countless exercise videos on YouTube, the role of a great personal trainer is to make sure that the "what" is be suitable specifically for you, your needs and goals.

5. UNDERSTANDING HOW to execute movements makes all the difference in the world. An exercise can be great or bad for someone, all depending on how it’s being done. A great personal trainer has a meticulous attention to details and cares about the execution, technique and form of every move. This is not to say that perfection is the only acceptable outcome, but quality trumps quantity and great personal trainers makes people move well.


One of the main reasons why people chose not to hire a personal trainer is because of financial reasons, Although we do think there is merit to the saying that "it’s expensive to be sick, overweight and unhealthy" - we are not going to pretend that personal training one-on-one is for everyone’s budget. But Personal training with today’s technology doesn’t have to be one on one all the time to be “personal” (i.e individualized) and effective. For example, we offer remote training at HAUS No3 that gives you a custom designed training program for 4’900 THB for 12 weeks (that’s 53 THB per day). Another training option we provide is semi-private training. Here you can train in our boutique personal training studio together with family or friends (2-3 people), starting at 1390 THB/session.


At HAUS No3, we have made the conscious decision to specialise and focus all our energy on private training only (personal training, semi-private training, remote training), creating a training experience custom designed for you.

By keeping our our focus and expertise to one field, we believe we can provide a unique training experience in a private and beautiful environment.

HAUS No3 is located at Naiipa Art Complex, Phra Kanong (BTS exit 4), in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you are interested in becoming a guest at HAUS No3 - contact us or book a consultation.

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