VersaClimber at HAUS No3 - the rise of a cardio classic

The VersaClimber is nothing new to the market. In fact, it was first introduced in 1981 and got quite popular in the 1980's. But somewhere along the way it was forgotten, in some cases even ridiculed, and pushed away by elliptical machines, Stairmasters and arch trainers. The main reasons for this was probably because those type of cardio machines were more commercially viable and easier to use (not always a good thing), therefore allowing the user to be distracted by a TV screen while working out (also, not always a great thing).

But despite the hiatus, the VersaClimber is currently experiencing a well deserved renaissance in the fitness industry and ever since we opened doors to HAUS No3, our boutique gym and personal training studio in Bangkok, this phenomenal piece of cardio machine has been at the top of our wish list.

And now it's here, the VersaClimber, in Bangkok, at HAUS No3 - just in time for our 1-year anniversary!


As mentioned, the use of the VersaClimber is a rapidly growing fitness trend even though the machine is decades old. One big reason for that is man named Jason Walsh, owner of