VersaClimber at HAUS No3 - the rise of a cardio classic

The VersaClimber is nothing new to the market. In fact, it was first introduced in 1981 and got quite popular in the 1980's. But somewhere along the way it was forgotten, in some cases even ridiculed, and pushed away by elliptical machines, Stairmasters and arch trainers. The main reasons for this was probably because those type of cardio machines were more commercially viable and easier to use (not always a good thing), therefore allowing the user to be distracted by a TV screen while working out (also, not always a great thing).

But despite the hiatus, the VersaClimber is currently experiencing a well deserved renaissance in the fitness industry and ever since we opened doors to HAUS No3, our boutique gym and personal training studio in Bangkok, this phenomenal piece of cardio machine has been at the top of our wish list.

And now it's here, the VersaClimber, in Bangkok, at HAUS No3 - just in time for our 1-year anniversary!


As mentioned, the use of the VersaClimber is a rapidly growing fitness trend even though the machine is decades old. One big reason for that is man named Jason Walsh, owner of RISE NATION, a VersaClimber-focused boutique gym in Los Angeles. With his network of Hollywood starts and gym concept (30-minute high intensity, total-body workout in a room full of neon lights and pumping music) he has created something that spinning studios have been capitalising on for years already; a fun, action packed workout experience.

With A-list celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Matt Damon and Bradley Cooper and athletes such as Andy Murray, LeBron James and Cris Cyborg (MMA) endorsing the machine, it’s no surprise that VersaClimbers has got some attention again.

Now, we wouldn’t necessarily take advice from Hollywood-celebrities when it comes to fitness and health. But the fact is that the VersaClimber is getting plenty of praise from coaches and leaders in the fitness industry that we can vouch for; Nick Tumminello, Gray Cook and Mark Sisson, to name a few.

Surprisingly, the VersaClimber is very hard to find anywhere in South East Asia. Perhaps this is because the fact that fitness and health clubs is still a relatively new concept in this part of the world and they simply weren’t around during the first wave of the VersaClimber. As far as we know, HAUS No3 is the only gym in Bangkok and Thailand that has a VersaClimber and even in a cities like Singapore you can’t seem to find one (as of January 2018). However, considering the benefits and potential with this phenomenal cardio machine, we predict it’s only a matter of time until that changes.

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The VersaClimber is 7-feet tall vertical rail, standing on the floor (or mounted to a wall) in a 75-degree angle with pedals and handles. To use the machine, you get into an upright position by inserting your feet into the foot straps on the pedals and grabbing the handles.

The upright body position allows for a very joint friendly and low impact cardio workout that mimics the natural motion of climbing. The handle positions can be moved (VersaClimber SM model) to offer great ranges of motion in the upper body, utilizing push-and-pull movements that work the shoulders, core, hips, and legs.

Unlike most motorised cardio equipment, the VersaClimber isn’t as easy to use in terms of requiring self generated power. This means that you have to initiate the movement yourself, you can’t just go through the motions because you are creating the motion. One of the greatest benefits of this fact is that you can then adjust the stride length to short, medium or long, depending on your preference.

The VersaClimber has a screen that shows time, heart rate, stride length (inches), calories burned, total distance climbed (feet) and feet per minute. Most workouts will be based on either timed intervals (e.g. Tabata), total distance climbed (e.g. 1 mile climb for time) or maintaining a certain feet per minute (e.g. 2 minutes @200 f/min). At HAUS No3 we are big proponents of heart rate based training and it becomes a very useful tool to use during both aerobic and anaerobic training while using the VersaClimber.

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The VersaClimber offers a low impact, partially weight bearing, upright posture, low skill, easy to setup, reciprocal climbing pattern workout that incorporates more or less the entire body (arms, legs, core) and that can easily drive your heart rate up to any intensity desired. No wonder it has been called “the greatest pierce of exercise equipment ever invented” by Mark Sission (Mark’s Daily Apple) or praised by LeBron James saying "If I could only have one piece of equipment to train with for the rest of my life, this would be it."

We have been using the VersaClimber with our guests for a few weeks now at HAUS No3 and we love it. It gives us a fantastic cardio options for people with knee, shoulder and back pain and it completes our endurance training setup (AirBike, rower, SkiErg, sled) perfectly for a custom designed training experience.

Book a consultation and get a chance to try the VersaClimber at HAUS No3.


We hope you enjoyed to learn more about the VersaClimber, how it can benefit your training and why we use it at HAUS No3.

At HAUS No3 we offer a custom design training experience in our boutique personal training studio in Bangkok, Thailand.

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