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This week we had a chat with our latest addition to our team of coaches; Danny Lee.

Read below to find out what movie has influenced him the most, what changes he would like to see in the fitness industry and his ultimate morning routine.

Hi Danny, please tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up in Thailand;

Danny: "I grew up in a town called Wiesbaden in Germany with my Korean mom and German dad. I lived there until I finished high school and moved to Cologne to start working on TV shows, eventually taking me to Berlin to work with bigger productions. During that time I got in contact with a Korean actor called Rain and he encouraged me to try acting and be in front of the camera instead. This eventually lead me to an opportunity to go to Korea, in 2008 and to work in Asia as an International model. I've been based in Bangkok since 2011".

What is your favourite movie?

Danny: "This is a very difficult question to answer, it all depends on mood and how you define what is good (storyline, acting, etc). But I can tell you what movie that has influenced me the most, a movie called 'Into the Wild'. After watching this I was inspired to pull the trigger, pack my bags, leave Germany and start traveling".

Having lived here since 2011, what do you like most about Thailand?

Danny: "I really like the kindness of Thais and their respectful mentality towards elders and others. I can see the difference between other nationalities when I travel and it makes me appreciate living in Thailand even more."

What inspired you to start training and get involved in the fitness industry?

Danny: "As a kid I was obsessed with Bruce Lee, Hong Kong action movies and martial arts in general So I did martial arts at young age and also dabbled a bit with bodybuilding but that never excited me. In my twenties I found that my training lacked dedication for a while until one day my friend introduced me to a program called P90x. Although it might not be the greatest workout system, I learned a lot about how you can mix training modalities (cardio combined with strength, etc) and most importantly I taught me how to create a habit of more or less daily exercising, something I haven't stopped since".

How would you describe your own current training routine?

I'm currently working on building a solid base of strength. That means I'm lifting weights 3 times per week; deadlifting, squatting, pressing and pulling following GreySkull LP programming. I also do gymnastics training on a daily basis for some extra core, stability and mobility training (from Gymnastic Bodies). In the near future my plan is to get back in to more martial arts as well.

Do you have any advice for people who want to get fit and healthy?

Danny: "If you start at zero, create momentum and build a habit. With momentum it will take care of the rest automatically. Find a way to make fitness enjoyable and fitness is a byproduct of that habit".

What other hobbies or projects do you have apart from training and coaching at HAUS No3?

Danny: "Film making, everything that happens in font or behind the camera. I also enjoy reading and I’m currently working on two website projects that I plan to launch early 2018. One of my hobbies is to collect morning rituals of interesting and successful people around the world from all industries and walks of life and this is also the theme for one my websites".

How does your own ultimate morning routine look like?

Danny: “My own morning ritual that I strive to do every day is to make sure I start moving right away. I have a mobility routine that covers my entire body from neck to toes (10 min). After that I do some meditation for 10-15 min, followed by journaling for another 10-15 min. The journals I use are The Five Minute Journal and Bullet Journal. They are both great and slightly different, allowing me to structure my day and clear my mind. After drinking a big glass of water to rehydrate from the night of sleep I usually have breakfast and shower. The goal with my morning routine is to invest in my mind and body before leaving my house".

Do you have a key value in life that you live by?

Danny: “I have two quotes that I really like and that I try to live by; “be the change you wish to see in the world” and “Get your stuff done and be someone who you would admire”.

Is there any change you would like to see in the fitness industry in general?

Danny: “The fitness industry can be very marketing driven when it comes to promoting trends and new ways of working out. But the way I see it, it’s often the traditional, sometimes old school style of lifting weights and training that brings the biggest benefit. However, that is sometimes not so sexy and therefore harder to sell. I wish the fitness industry didn’t try to market that you need to do fancy exercises to get results, but instead focus on the basics and repetition, repetition, repetition. People like to be entertained and switch exercises too often. Ask any world class athlete of any sport and they will tell you that repetition is the mother of skill. It’s the secret ingredient that will get you to your goal”.

What things do you look for first when you train a guest at HAUS No3?

Danny: “I always look at movement patterns and posture first, and obviously correct execution of exercises. I also think it’s interesting to observe how people push themselves”.

From a coach's perspective, what do you think is the biggest and most common mistake that you see people make in the gym?

Danny: “I often see people going too hard too fast. They end up skipping important steps and try to fast track by moving on to advanced training too soon without sufficient physical preparation. Unfortunately, this is when injury and overtraining often occurs".

Do you have any mentors or people working in the fitness industry that you follow, read or study?

Danny: "Sure I do, I’ve got plenty. Firas Zahabi (MMA coach at Tristar gym in Montreal, Canada). Christopher Sommer (former gymnastic Olympic coach owner of GST), Nick Curson (MMA strength and conditioning coach, from Speed of Sport). I try to listen those who have been in the industry and survived for a while, such as Pavel Tsatsouline (Russian kettlebell master and chairman of StrongFirst) and Steve Maxwell (strength coach and longevity guru)".

If you could only do 3 exercises for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

Danny: "I will chose my 3 exercises from a context and background of martial arts.

Kettlebell swings = It’s explosive, lots of posterior chain training (back side), core and stabilisers as well as cardio and it’s probably the closest you can get to actually throwing a punch in terms of movement and qualities trained. In summary, the KBS is a great bang for buck exercise.

Turkish Getups = It challenges all planes of motion overall, stabilisation and mobility in lower and upper body all at once with the core having to control the entire time.

Sprinting = Builds speed, explosiveness and endurance like nothing else. At the same time the plyometrics and force from sprinting helps to build strong legs and torso."


We hope you enjoyed to get to know Danny, some of his thoughts and background.

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