A holiday gift guide for the fitness enthusiast

With the holiday season of Christmas and New Year just around the corner we thought it would be timely to share our HAUS No3 holiday gift guide with ideas and tips to get a Christmas gift in the name of fitness and health to your colleague, friend or loved ones.

If you like what we have and want to buy one of our 9 suggested Christmas and holiday fitness gifts, visit our online store, contact us or make an appointment to come and see us at our boutique personal training studio and concept store in Phra Kanong, Bangkok.


Want to increase your happiness, improve relationships, and become more optimistic? Of course you do!

One of our favourite items in our HAUS Concept Store is the Five Minute Journal (5MJ). This nicely designed journal (A5 size) is your secret weapon to focus on the good in your life, made to practice daily gratitude and live with intention. With a simple structured format based on positive psychology research, the 5MJ fits perfectly in to a positive morning (and evening) routine.

Leave it on your bedside table for daily journaling and you will soon create a habit, similar to brushing your teeth, that you can both see and feel.

What makes the 5MJ so great is that it has pre-printed pages that asks a few questions about your day and is designed to be filled out in the morning (as a part of your morning primer) and in the evening (to reflect on your day). The pages also include daily inspiring quotes and occasional challenges to complete.

With regular journaling (it literally takes only 5 minutes or less) you will not only feel happier and more content, but also learn more about yourself and plan your day better.

Price: 1590 THB - excl. shipping.

Get your Five Minute Journal at HAUS No3.


If you ask any experienced personal trainer, coach or movement specialist what joint they see most commonly restricting activities done on your feet (running, squatting, etc) we guarantee they will say; ankles.

As mentioned, the ankle joint and calf is very commonly tight and therefore a major limitation for people in general and sometimes also a cause for injuries (potentially leading to problems with knees, hips, back, shoulders, etc).

With this in mind, our calf stretcher might as well be the gift of the year. Not only due to the fact that it provides a deep, effective stretch that increases flexibility along the entire back of the lower leg, soothing tight calves, strengthening weak Achilles tendons and foot muscles, but also because it actually looks good too. No need to hide it in the closet when visitors come by.

Made from wood and aluminium, this robust calf stretcher will last a lifetime and it is a great tool for daily stretching, specific warmups or as a relief or prehab strategy for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis or shin splints.

Price: 3190 THB - excl. shipping.

Order a calf stretcher from HAUS No3.


The trigger point ball from FYSIK is as useful for tight muscles as it is beautiful and decorative and a great choice for targeted relief or as a part of a warm-up.

It is made from genuine leather, hand stitched by skilled craftsmen in Bangkok that makes it nice to touch and hold in your hand. This also gives the product a story that can serve as a sentimental memory or personalised gift.

You can use the FYSIK Trigger Point Ball after consulting with a trusted expert, placing the ball directly on the point where discomfort is felt by using the floor, wall or any hard surface to stabilize the ball. Continue by applying pressure and rolling from side to side or in circles to release knots and kinks in your muscles (soft tissue).

  • Use to manage minor aches and pains

  • Convenient size for travel and portability

  • Provides firm surface for any body type

  • Use only on areas advised (by your PT, physio, doctor)

Recommended areas of use for the FYSIK Trigger Point Ball; foot, calf, tibilias anterior, glutes, psoas, upper back, chest and shoulders.

Price: 800 THB - excl. shipping.

Get the FYSIK Trigger Point Ball at HAUS No3.


Few materialistic things (if any) can match what it means to have a great experience. Experiences allows us to learn, grow and feel alive.

At HAUS No3 we offer custom design personal training for those who value quality and unique experiences. And considering that health is the most important thing we have, then why not gift a Personal Training package at HAUS No3 to your loved ones?

Find out more about our story, training systems, personal training service, how we can help and how to get started at HAUS No3.

Price: Starting from 2190 THB/visit (initial consultation 1800 THB).

Email us to get a quote on Personal Training at HAUS No3.


The Exerdice is a fun and unique Christmas gift, both for those who simply can't live without training but also serves for the individuals who aren't currently active and that need a spark of motivation.

Developed by HAUS No3, the idea behind the Exerdice started as a fun way to keep our guests moving when traveling and to provide a tool that can be an integral of your weekly movement habits.

It is made from wood and the exercises laser engraved on the Exerdice are following;

If you are attentive you notice there are only 5 exercises listed above. The 6th option is our HAUS No3 logo. When rolling the dice and landing on this it can represent many different things, use your creativity to keeps things exciting and varied.

Here are three suggestions:

  1. JACKPOT - complete all exercises on the dice, back to back, for given repetitions.

  2. MY FAVOURITE - choose your own favourite exercise to perform.

  3. SPRINT - use cardio equipment of your choice and sprint at max effort for time shown on the repetition dice (converted from reps to seconds)

Price: 590 THB - excl. shipping.

Order your Exerdice from HAUS No3 today!