A system to screen your movement - FMS course at HAUS No3

At HAUS No3, we believe strongly that quality should always come before quantity in everything that we do. This principle is especially true when in comes to prioritizing movement quality in our guests.

In our opinion, by having good quality of movement you set a base and foundation of where you can add fitness (performance) and skill on top.

While it's easy to measure fitness (e.g. how fast you can run or how heavy you lift), it can be challenging to quantify quality of movement. Luckily, there is a tool available to objectively measure movement; the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

Watch the video below of why we incorporate FMS as a part of our training systems at HAUS No3.


The Functional Movement Screen has been around for over 15 years. It is a tool used to set a baseline of movement before starting a training program or getting back to play after injury. The screen is used by renowned coaches, industry leading performance and rehab facilities and professional sport teams across the globe.

FMS is an evidence-based movement screen that follows the mission started by its founders; Gray Cook and Lee Burton, to first “move well”, and then “move often”.

Click here to see a short introduction video on FMS that shows some of the seven fundamental movements that are included in the screen to identify the current movement ability in people of all backgrounds, gender and age.

Join our FMS course (Level 1 & 2), November 24th - 26th, 2017, as we bring world-class education to Bangkok at HAUS No3.


In Asia, FMS is on the rise as the region continuous to catch up on best practices from the industry.

At HAUS No3, we include FMS as a standard operating procedure (SOP) for all guests passing through our doors for both personal training and semi-private training.. Where other gyms might have one or two personal trainers using the screen with their clients every now and then, FMS is a non-negotiable at HAUS No3 to set a baseline for movement.

We believe that by creating a system around our services, we can deliver a much higher service to our guests. With FMS as a backbone to our consultation and training process, our communication within our team of coaches is very effective and we can utilize knowledge and experience gained from previous screens to aid in our programming and therefore help our guests become more aware of their own movement and needs.

FMS lets us know if there’s any pain associated with a particular movement or when there is an opportunity to address a weak link in the fundamental movement that will improve ability to adapt and be more durable in all aspects of training, ultimately cutting a shorter path to our guest’s training goals by removing unnecessary roadblocks.

FMS course at HAUS No3 in June, 2017.


HAUS No3 is the exclusive education provider of FMS in Thailand with our co-founder and head coach Henrik Olofsson being an FMS master instructor for the Asia/Pacific region.

By attending our Level 1 and/or Level 2 course you can expect to spend time in a unique environment with likeminded professionals and enthusiasts that have a drive to learn about a simple system that can help give more clarity to a very complex thing; human movement.

Join our FMS course (Level 1 & 2), November 24th - 26th, 2017, as we bring world-class education to Bangkok at HAUS No3.

We are looking forward to deliver another great education experience.

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