The key to health and performance - your environment shapes you

The famous motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said; “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

True or not, we certainly think it’s worth to regularly evaluate and consider not only your relationships but also your overall environment and how it might affect your health, performance, actions, limiting beliefs and behaviour.


As humans, we are very adaptable to the environment we are in and the relationships we have. This can be both good and bad since depending on our surroundings and the people we spend time with, it can lead to both progression or regression.

Knowing that the things you chose to surround yourself with greatly effects you in so many ways, you can also use it to your advantage and expose yourself to a positive environment and relationships for growth and thereby become better at more or less anything you want.


With awareness that our environment shapes us, both for good and bad, it’s important to actively look for ways to surrounds yourself with positive things and supportive people who want you to succeed.

If you want to be fit and live a healthy life; surround yourself with healthy, likeminded people. If you want to excel in your career or perhaps learn a new skill; find those who lead in a certain area and spend time with them.

For example; if you want to install healthier eating habits in your life; make sure you have only healthy food in your fridge and around you, convenient and handy when you need it. Or, if you want to become a better runner or public speaker; spend time with those who are good at running or who are amazing at speaking in front of others.

So, no matter if you want to be a great stock broker, lawyer, pianist of triathlete; find the best (or at least those who are better than you) and spend time with those people and in their environment.

The same goes if you to write a book, build a business or create a brand that has a truly unique position and feel; find inspiration and set new standards by spending time in surroundings that supports your goal and vision.

If you approach your life in this way it will accelerate your learning guaranteed and increase your chances of achieving what you want to achieve, live the life you want to live or to become the person you want to be.


When we created the concept and design of HAUS No3, we had the fortune to find inspiration and learn from some of the best in the world in the health and fitness industry - as well as hospitality and design. Spending time and finding inspiration from world-leaders taught us to see things from a different perspective and to bend norms of what training systems, guest experiences and gym interior can really feel and look like.

We are fortunate to welcome guests at HAUS No3 on a daily basis that spread positive energy and have lots of experience and knowledge in diverse fields and life in general. This makes our work environment a very positive place where we can grow and evolve.

In return, our mission is “to provide the best personal training services in Thailand, offering a premium experience based on proven systems and equipment in a unique environment that leaves our valued guests with an invigorating feeling.”.

Our hopes are that this fuels our guest' to get a fit body with a healthy mind and a positive outlook on life by creating a motivating, inspiring environment that empowers both physically and mentally..


We hope you enjoyed reading about our outlook on how your environment shapes your actions, behaviour and thinking, making your surrounding and relationships a crucial aspect of your overall health and performance.

Learn more about our story, training systems and services at HAUS No3. Book a consultation online or send us an email to stop by for a visit at our boutique personal training studio - located at Naiipa Art Complex in Phra Kanong, Bangkok, Thailand.

We offer personal training, semi-private training and remote (online) training for those who value quality and a unique training experience.

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