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The market for boutique gyms and niched fitness studios specializing in one thing only has exploded the past few years on a global level. For the consumer, this is a good thing as it forces gyms and health clubs to narrow their focus instead of trying to "be all" to everyone.

At HAUS No3 we have made a conscious decision to not offer group classes and instead focus on one thing only; private training solutions (personal training, semi-private and remote training).

If you want to know more about the custom design personal training experience at HAUS No3, stay with us and continue to read below.


Personal training at HAUS No3 is a highly personalized training service to help and guide those who are looking for a 1-on-1 training in a unique and private environment.

We tailor the training program according to your background, goals and needs. Nutrition advice and other health and fitness related aspects (such as a recovery and sleep) is also integrated in our personal training service.

Personal training guests at HAUS No3 usually consists of people +30 years old with a strong desire to improve mobility, to move well, be pain free, increase strength and sometimes lose body fat. Our demographic is a mix of Thai nationals and expats with an even distribution among genders.

What you do during a personal training session at HAUS No3 depends on your goals and needs as well as the findings from the consultation. This is what makes our training services custom designed.

To give an example, here is what one personal training session might look like at HAUS No3;


Everyone of our guests who steps through the doors at HAUS No3 for the first time will pass through our consultation process. This includes a pre-consultation questionnaire, FMS movement screening, body composition, heart rate measuring, performance testing, etc. We follow this procedures for all our guests, allowing a better understanding of the people we work with.

After completing the consultation, a comprehensive “GUEST REPORT” is emailed to you as a summary of the findings and tests.

With the goals, availability and needs of our guests in mind, we give recommendations of training solutions, size of training package (amount of visits) and share pricing options. By now, our guests will have a good understanding of our personal training services and the overall experience at HAUS No3.

Since we operate on a by appointment basis, we offer flexibility in requesting times and days of training (general training hours are 6 am to 8 pm, 7 days per week, incl. holidays).

Many of our guests travel frequently, so managing training around busy travel schedules is also something we have experience, with both in terms of providing travel workouts as well as giving advice while on the road.


At HAUS No3, we have made the conscious decision to specialise and focus all our energy on private training only (personal training, semi-private training, remote training), creating a training experience custom designed for you.

By keeping our our focus and expertise to one field, we believe we can provide a unique training experience in a private and beautiful environment.

HAUS No3 is located at Naiipa Art Complex, Phra Kanong (BTS exit 4), in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you are interested in becoming a guest at HAUS No3 - contact us or book a consultation.

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