Measure your training intensity with heart rate zones

At HAUS No3 we utilize technology as one of the core pillars of our training systems. When it comes to endurance training and recovery, we monitor our guests heart rates to manage intensity and provide a custom design training experience.

Read below to learn more about how to interpret the data of how your heart l responds to training and the different heart rate zones.

- Register for "Endurance" at HAUS No3 - a semi-private program starting on Saturday October 21st until November 11th, 2017 (4 weeks).


Your heart is constantly speaking to you, when you are sleeping, moving, training and resting. By using a heart rate monitor you can learn how to listen to your heart and what it tells you.

Monitoring heart rates is especially interesting during endurance training when the goal is to stimulate the cardiovascular system. And it is perhaps the best way to objectively measure intensity of your endurance training.

There are two key situations to observe during your training when using a heart rate monitor;

  • Heart rate during effort

  • Heart rate recovery between efforts

You can of course also measure and monitor heart rates before and after sleep to check for training load, stress levels and recovery more long term but that topic is for a future article.


Since heart rate zones are based on knowing your maximum heart rate, it always comes down to one dying question; how do I know my heart rate max (HRM)?

Although there are a few different ways to estimate your HRM (220-age, Karvonen, etc), the only way to really find out is to perform a HRM field test of some kind. And since different activities (running, rowing, biking, swimming, etc) will give you a different output and therefore a different HRM, it's best to test using the same mode/equipment as your main activity that you are training for.

Our recommendations for testing HRM is to do this in a controlled environment, i.e.; using equipment that is safe, with an experienced coach or ideally in a lab (hospital or performance center).

At HAUS No3 we get a good idea of HRM of our guests by performing a ladder test on the air bike (Assault Bike). By doing this test we can see a heart rate that is at least close to true HRM in most cases (within 95-99% of true HRM based on our experience).

- Register for "Endurance" at HAUS No3 - a semi-private program starting on Saturday October 14th until November 4th, 2017 (4 weeks).


Once you know your heart rate max (HRM), specific heart rate zones are used in order to create a strategy around your training program and sessions. There are many variations of categorizing different heart rate zones, but since we use software and heart rate monitors from Polar at HAUS No3, we follow their definition of heart rate zones.

When designing an endurance program using a heart rate monitor, every session has a purpose and a prescribed heart rate zone.

This is to manage intensity so adaptation, recovery and performance can be optimal. It is important to keep this in mind when following such program and to trust the objective data (training intensity) it gives you.

- Register for "Endurance" at HAUS No3 - a semi-private program starting on Saturday October 21st until November 11th, 2017 (4 weeks).


At HAUS No3 we offer a custom design training experience in our boutique personal training studio in Bangkok, Thailand. This means, our programs and services are tailored to the needs, goals and fitness levels of our guests.

By using heart rate monitors and prescribing programs based on heart rate zones we can individualize our training accordingly.

Starting on October 21st we offer an exclusive 4-week training program at HAUS No3 called; "Endurance".

This program gives you a unique opportunity to experience training and coaching at our personal training studio in a semi-private group (maximum 4 people), including heart rate monitored training. This means all fitness levels can join with a variety of goals; ranging from fat loss to performance.

By joining this program you will also receive an individual 4-week training program based on your heart rate zones to develop your cardio.

Read more about our 4-week "Endurance" program and register today.

Contact us or book your consultation at HAUS No3 to learn more about what we do and how we can help.

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