"Endurance"; a 4-week program at HAUS No3

We are happy to announce that we are offering a 4-week SPT (semi-private training) training program; "Endurance".

This program is scheduled for Saturday's at 10 am, beginning on October 21st and ending November 11th, 2017 (4 weeks) at HAUS No3.

Register for "Endurance" at HAUS No3.


We acknowledging the importance of having a strong and well functioning heart. The best way to improve your cardiovascular fitness (endurance) is to regulatory train cyclic activities that elevates your heart rate.

Aerobic training and intervals (i.e. endurance training) is something that many people find hard to do without guidance and the added motivation and accountability of a group.

Therefore, although it should be a priority, endurance training often doesn't get the priority it deserves for an all-round healthy and well functioning body.

Read more about the benefits of aerobic training and make sure you don't get stung by the HIIT hangover.


"Endurance" by HAUS No3 is for anyone who's looking to improve cardio in general (short to medium duration) and to simply get in great shape. You don't have to be a runner to join since we manage what equipment we use for the intervals (e.g. rower, bike, skierg).

You also don't already have to be in good cardiovascular shape since our sessions are individualized based on your own heart rate (allowing for rest times and effort to be relative to your own ability and experience).

However, to get the most out of this 4-week training program, you should have an appreciation for details and prioritise quality. We believe our "Endurance" program is a great opportunity for those who are excited to learn something new and improve general cardio by using the science of heart rate monitoring technology.

Due to our desire to maintain highest level of coaching and quality, our "Endurance"'program is capped at maximum 4 people. This allows our HAUS No3 coaches to give time and attention for individual coaching as well as providing a motivating environment for you as a participant.

Note that all participant for our 4-week Endurance program has to complete our consultation process. This is a mandatory entry point to training with us so we can get important information on body vitals, current fitness state, movement ability, etc.

Read more about our consultation or request a booking.

Register for "Endurance" at HAUS No3.


The structure of our 4-week "Endurance" SPT program at HAUS No3 is built on a mix of steady state and interval training (on Saturday's) using low impact cardiovascular training tools such as rower, air bike, ski-erg and sled.

The intervals will vary in duration (30 sec to 5 min) and intensity to follow progression over the course of the program with session of 75 minutes, allowing for a thorough warmup, technique work and sufficient cardiovascular training stimulus.

Each participant of our "Endurance" program will also get a 4-week custom designed training plan to follow on their own during weekdays. This is based on fitness level, goals, access to equipment, etc. This is why we require all participants to complete a consultation at HAUS No3 prior to joining, allowing us to program and plan appropriately and according to your needs.

You can register for our "Endurance" program at HAUS No3 by emailing us or call 083-295 2112 (Thai and English).


Along with the information gathered from the consultation and our pre-consultation questionnaire, we use heart rate monitors to create a custom design training experience.

This means each participant will wear a heart rate chest strap (POLAR H7) to measure intensity and recovery times during the session to keep intensity and effort at the similar levels independent on fitness levels.

With the use of heart rate monitors (participants are welcome to borrow at HAUS No3) we can customize the "Endurance" program according to each individuals fitness level.

Heart rate monitored training - your best training partner.


The price for our 4-week "Endurance" program (4 sessions total of 75 minutes each) is 4800 THB. This includes a custom designed 4-week endurance training program, use of heart rate monitor during the sessions.

If you are unable to join our 4-week "Endurance" program for any reason, please feel free to let us know by contacting us direct and we might be able to come up with a solution.

Thank you for shown interest. We are looking forward to help you build a stronger, more efficient heart with a custom design training experience offering quality coaching and guidance in a motivating and beautiful environment.

Register for "Endurance" at HAUS No3.

Our boutique personal training studio is located at Naiipa Art Complex, Phra Kanong (BTS exit 4), in Bangkok, Thailand.

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