Your best training partner - the heart rate monitor

In our opinion, a good training partner should always be there for you, never turn down a training session, push you appropriately and safely, engage with you and make you enjoy and have fun with your training.

Do you agree? Well, if you do we have a great solution for you; train with a heart rate monitor.

It might not give you the latest office gossip or family drama, but it can still be the best training partner you can have.

The fitness industry is without a doubt seeing the same technological revolution as other industries, with activity trackers, fitness apps, on demand workouts and high tech virtual reality knocking on the door it's hard to stay up to date the latest gadgets and gizmos.

With all this development and "new" ways of measuring movement and fitness, it's easy to forget something that has been around since the late 1970's; heart rate monitoring.

But although the technology of measuring heart rate might not be revolutionary, don't make the mistake to underestimate the value you get from monitoring how hard your heart is working while training. After all, with decades of refinement in measuring accuracy and mountains of research, heart rate monitored training is considered the gold standard in measuring intensity, progress and recovery in training of your most important muscle in your body; your heart.


You don't need to be an Olympic level athlete to own and benefit from a heart rate monitor. With some guidance and good coaching you can find a lot of use for this seemingly simple but very useful piece of technology. It can enhance your results, experience and efforts with your training in ways you wouldn't believe were possible. And perhaps best of all, it might even make your training easier and more enjoyable.

Contact us to get your own POLAR heart rate chest strap at HAUS No3 Concept Store - H7 (2,690 THB) or H10 (3,475 THB).

  • Individualized

By monitoring your heart rate, your training is based on your own specific performance and abilities. This allows a more appropriate training intensity and therefore a better environment to see results.

  • Interactive

Seeing your heart rate and the response to training in realtime gives an added experience to your training. It shows how hard you are working, black on white and can therefore give a more objective explanation and reason behind your subjective feelings when training.

  • Fun

Not everyone loves the thought of a training session that has an objective to make your heart pump faster. But based on experience and anecdotes we can almost guarantee that your aerobic training will be more fun with the help of a heart rate monitor as a virtual training partner.

  • Science based

Ever since the birth of heart rate monitoring (in 1970's), sport scientist has been obsessed on studying best protocols for this type of training. Taking advantage of this information can take your training from randomly guessing to strategically basing your decisions on the latest findings from the field of sport science.

  • Educational

Not only do you learn a lot about yourself and how you respond to training at different heart rates (intensities) but you also become more aware and educated on heart rate in general. By using a heart rate monitor while training you get a chance to learn something new every training session.

  • Measurable

Pace, power output, distance and time aren't the only ways to measure your training. Ultimately, those metrics are mere results of the organism that truly is the one putting in the work; your body. By measuring your heart rate during a race or using it as a gauge for rest time between sets during interval work, your training becomes more three dimensional and informative.


All guests at HAUS No3 are monitored with heart rate chest straps (from POLAR). This way we can gauge not only intensity of hard efforts but also gradually ramp up intensity in our warmups and individualize rest and work times appropriately during anaerobic training (HIIT circuits and intervals).

These are all very powerful and informative ways that we use heart rate monitoring during our custom designed personal training and semi-private training sessions at HAUS No3.

Contact us to get your own POLAR heart rate chest strap at HAUS No3 Concept Store - H7 (2,690 THB) or H10 (3,475 THB).

Even when training alone, outside our personal training studio, we can plan these sessions based on your individual heart rate zone. Hence, we strongly encourage our guests to get their own heart rate monitor (wrist or chest strap) as it is a great and relativity inexpensive tool to make your training more scientific, interactive and usually more fun.

At the end of the day, the most effective training program is the ones that is individualized - based on your fitness level, general ability and goals. By tracking the response of your heart rate to your training you can observe, adjust and track your intensity and progress to achieve the best results.

The simple beauty of HR monitoring is that it's based on your own heart's capacity and nobody else's. This makes your heart rate monitor qualify as perhaps the best training partner one can have.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the benefits of heart rate monitored training at HAUS No3. Our boutique personal training studio integrated fitness technology as one of our 3 core pillars of our training systems.

Book a consultation with us and learn more about our story and what we do to position ourselves as the leading experts in personal training in Bangkok, Thailand.

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