The FYSIK story - handcrafted fitness equipment

At HAUS No3, we believe that knowing the story and background behind the products and brands you encounter brings another dimension and meaning to the user experience.

This blog series; "The story", tells the brand stories of some of the equipment and products you can find at HAUS No3.

With this we hope that you find some interesting bits and pieces to entertain and inspire.



FYSIK was founded by Henrik Olofsson, HAUS No3 co-owner and fitness industry consultant in South East Asia who hail from Sweden.

Along with wife Amm, HAUS No3 co-owner and a native of Thailand, they set out on a quest to unify their passion for fitness and design by creating handmade fitness equipment that were both beautiful to look at and functional to use.

Read more about Amm and Henrik.


With inspiration from the world of craftsmanship and interior design, Henrik and Amm started FYSIK in 2015.

“We realised there were very few equipment options for those who appreciate and would like to create a beautiful gym space"

"We started FYSIK from a burning desire to celebrate local craftsmanship and create a recognised quality brand with items that embody a sense of value and character. Living in Bangkok offers great opportunities to be creative and to work with some very skilled craftsmen".


At HAUS No3, we have a strong connection to Sweden in many ways, from our ownership down to our barbells and weight plates.

FYSIK, the Swedish spelling for the word physique, means 'nature in motion'. The name and its simplistic spelling captures the Scandinavian heritage of the brand and is reflected in the design and material choices, of teak wood and genuine leather.

"Our name (FYSIK) has a strong meaning to us and the fact that it is a symbol for our Swedish heritage adds to the fact that it also represents strength and nature in motion. All our products are proudly made in Thailand but a part of us will always be Scandinavian".


All FYSIK products and fitness equipment are handcrafted in Bangkok using unique combinations of classic materials such as genuine leather, teak wood and stainless steel.

"Our artisans are diligent local craftsmen who take pride in their work. We maintain the design and crafting process closely connected to the items that represent our brand, in Bangkok. In a world that relies mainly on automated production processes and mass consumption, it is unique to see things made with passion and the dexterity of human hands".

With a delicate production process most FYSIK equipment is made by order only. Visit FYSIK for more information and sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear about news and updates.


We hope you enjoyed reading about FYSIK - a unique brand that celebrates physical activity, local craftsmanship and good design.

HAUS No3 is proud to be a personal training studio offering the best possible boutique gym experience for our guests to achieve results in a beautiful environment,

Welcome to HAUS No3

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