What we do and how we can help at HAUS No3

Occasionally we get the question; "what do you do and how do you train at HAUS No3?".

Our answer to this would be;

"At HAUS No3, we believe that everyone is an individual with unique needs, and if you want to be the best you have to focus your attention on one thing. By using proven training systems, we have chosen to specialize in delivering custom design training programs and solutions for those who look for quality and world-class private training (personal, semi-private or remote) in a unique and beautiful environment".

Continue below to learn more about what we do and how we help.


Before we explain what we do, let's clarify what we don't do first.

At HAUS No3, we don't offer memberships or 'open gym' and we don't offer group exercise classes, like HIIT or CrossFit. There are already plenty of option

s for this type of training elsewhere and we believe that in order to do something really, really well, you have to focus and specialize in one area only.

Our area of focus at HAUS No3 is solely on delivering world-class private training solutions; in the form of personal training (1-1), semi-private training (max 3 people) and remote training (custom design online training programs).

Read more about our training systems.

In other words, we aren't an "invitation only" luxury boutique gym for a selected few. We are a personal training studio that just happens to do things with a little more accuracy, finesse and with a lot more technology, systems and processes and not to forget; with handcrafted fitness equipment and high quality equipment from other world renowned brands.


Guests that train at HAUS No3 are females, males, young and old that are looking to move better, understand and develop a healthy relationship to nutrition, get stronger, run faster, lose fat, improve mobility, etc.

We cover a wide span of people and personalities, essentially anyone that's interested in training designed for your own personal needs.

Our training solutions always begin with a pre-consultation questionnaire (to learn about your background and goals), followed by a consultation (to find out how you move), and lastly we give training recommendations (duration and frequency) and design your program.

Since all our guests have different goals, background and life situations, no program is the same and goals can vary between fat loss (shape), strength increase (performance) or improved mobility (function).

Currently, the ages of our guests at HAUS No3 range from 10 to 78 years and their goals are anything from Marathon preparation training to post-natal and training to recover from knee surgery.


We respect the goal of our guests and do our best to provide the tools they need to be successful in achieving them.

One way for us to have a conversation with our guests about their goals is to ask what category they feel they belong to in terms of what they want to achieve the most and their priority.

Below you can find our definition of goal categories and ask yourself; "which one is most importance for you?" Chances are that your goal expand across more than one category, and that's perfectly normal.


Our online booking system is the fastest way to get yourself in for a consultation. You can also call us (0876727452, English, or 0832952112, Thai) or email with any questions.

Read more about how to get started at HAUS No3.

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