Develop your superpower for better fitness and health

If you are reading this with hopes to find a “secret method” that without any effort will magically transform you in to a healthier, fitter individual full of energy, we hate to break it to you; there is no such thing.

But if you landed on this page to find out how you can develop and improve a skill that can save you time, money and suffering as well as unlock potential to improve you fitness and health in the long run; keep reading below and let us know your thoughts and comments.


At HAUS No3, our experience have taught us through thousands of coaching hours that in order to be in control of your health and fitness, there is one skill set that stands out from everything else; awareness.

Being aware of what you are doing, what you are eating, how you are feeling and how you respond to things might sound easy but sadly many people are not very good at it.

Having good awareness can therefore be a game changer and a true superpower due to the powerful impact and influence it can have on your fitness, health and overall wellbeing.


Awareness is a very broad term. In this context we re talking about mainly two forms of awareness; body awareness and mindful eating. In other words, what do you sense and how do you feel when doing movement -…fill in the blank...- or eating -…fill in the blank…-.

Body awareness is your ability to control your body in space, adjust and reflect on movement and how it makes you feel.

Mindful eating is your ability to stay conscious to what, when and how much you eat (and drink) and to have a healthy relationship with food and understanding of nutrition.


Trust us, we see it everyday; having good awareness of how you move, what you eat and how to feel can save you lots of money, time and suffering. We believe that awareness is a skill, something you can practice and improve, rather than a static personality trait that you are born with.

So how do you develop better awareness and tap in to the the superpower that can help you elevate your fitness and health? Below are some habits and exercises you can implement in your daily routine to improve awareness;

Keep a food diary

Perhaps you've heard it before but it's worth repeating; write down what you eat and drink. It really is that simple, and quickly your eating patterns and consumption during a typical day. Most people underestimate what and how much they eat and not until you put it down on paper (or in your smart phone) you get to see reality and become more aware. This is a simple yet very powerful way to develop mindful eating.

Count calories

What? Isn't that only for bodybuilders? Yes and no. While we don't necessarily recommend counting calories to be something you'll do from now on and until forever, it's a great way to become more mindful of your eating. Often only a few days of measuring and tracking your food to this extent is enough to develop a better understanding of your actual (often underestimated) energy intake.


Daily journaling

Although not directly related to body awareness or mindful eating, keeping a daily journal (such as the 5 minute journal) can help you improve happiness, wellness and therefore indirectly improve health and fitness. It's a simple but yet very effective habit that we highly recommend.

Log your training

No matter if you are working out with a trainer or alone, keeping track of your own training is key for awareness in general. You should know what weights you lift, how fast you run and therefore gain awareness of your physical capacity. Knowing these basics will take you one step closer in understanding your response to training stimulus and your independence to take care of your own fitness and health will increase.


Meditation has been around for thousands of years for a reason; it works. And there is no need to sell all your material belongings and escape to a secluded temple to meditate. These days you can find many resources online on how to get started with basic mediation. Our favorite app, Headspace, offers a free 10 day trial on their 10 minute daily mediation practice.

Move and train with intention

You can exercise mindlessly simply to burn calories or you can train and move with intention for benefits that expands beyond goals to shrink your waistline. There is a big difference between the two and in today's fitness industry, with a obsession for high intensity, entertainment focused workouts it can sometimes be hard to practice awareness. Next time you train, avoid mirrors, turn off or tune out the music and ask yourself "how did that movement feel and in what muscles did I feel it?", "did I achieve what I was supposed to with that movement?", etc. You won't always know the answer to those questions but at least you give yourself a chance to reflect and work on developing your body awareness.


We hope you enjoyed our thoughts and ideas on how to develop better awareness - a true superpower for your fitness and health.

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