A simple habit that can positively change your life

Our HAUS No3 guests and friends are just like us; hard working, always aiming to perform at our best while at the same time fit in training, health and wellness in to the daily routine.

With ambitions like this, it's easy to get caught up in the race of 'living in the fast lane' and a feeling of constantly ‘being busy’. Often times this leads to a decrease of general awareness and lack of daily reflection as we chase the next day.

If you can relate to this feeling; we strongly encourage you to straighten up your posture, take a deep breath and spend the next few minutes to read about our advice on how you can install a simple habit that can have a profound, positive effect on both your health and happiness.


Some people make the mistake of associating being physically fit and lean for being healthy. At HAUS No3 we believe that health is not just about how much you are training or what you are eating. It’s also about what you’re thinking and saying.

According to our definition of health, your mind and mental wellbeing falls under ‘Recovery’. Therefore, if you fail to prioritise, regularly stimulate and destress your mind, chances are that you miss out on a big component of your overall health.

Read more about our thoughts on health at HAUS No3.


In our constant pursue of becoming the best version of ourselves, be a better coach, partner and friend, we have discovered a very simple and effective way to feel better and therefore improve health at HAUS No3. We are talking about gratitude and the awareness of feeling thankful for all the small and big things that happens in our life on a daily basis.

The benefits of practicing gratitude are plenty and although sometimes hard to prove, the positive effects it brings to your happiness and wellbeing from actively acknowledging and appreciating seemingly 'small things', are well known. Here are some claimed benefits on practicing gratitude;

- higher levels of dopamine (the 'feel good hormone')

- reduced symptoms of pain

- better sleep

- lower levels of stress, anxiety, depression

- increased levels of energy and vitality.

In our experience, the best ways to practice gratitude is to keep a daily journal where you note down thankful moments and things that you are grateful for.

Journaling can be done literally any way you want; in a blank notebook, on your smart phone or in a dedicated diary or journal. At the end of the day, the important thing is that whatever it is that you are feeling grateful for gets written down and reflected upon.


At HAUS No3 we offer a private training environment and custom design training experiences. Besides that, we also provide a selection of useful and beautiful items to enhance wellness and health for our guests and friends with our HAUS No3 Concept Store.

One item that we carry in our concept store is the Five Minute Journal (5MJ). The "5MJ" ("Five Minute Journal") is a nicely designed journal made to practice daily gratitude that fits perfectly in to your morning and evening routine. Leave it on your bedside table for daily journaling and you will soon create a habit, similar to brushing your teeth, that you can both see and feel.

What makes the 5MJ so great is that it has pre-printed pages that asks a few questions about your day and is designed to be filled out in the morning (as a part of your morning primer) and in the evening (to reflect on your day). The pages also include daily inspiring quotes and occasional challenges to complete.

With regular journaling (it literally takes only 5 minutes or less) you will not only feel happier and more content, but also learn more about yourself and plan your day better.

Visit 5 Minute Journal - Intelligent Change to learn more about who else is using the journal and why you should be doing it too.


We hope you enjoyed our advice and thoughts on the simple daily practice of gratitude and how it can have a tremendous effects on your happiness, allowing you to slow down your thoughts, appreciate and be thankful for what you have in your life.

Contact us if you would like to visit our concept store to pick up your own copy of 5 Minute Journal and experience the amazing effect it can have on your daily life.

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