Online training anywhere with Remote Training from HAUS No3

Personal training and on-demand fitness videos has been around for decades to guide people and to keep them motivated, healthy and fit. The former is restricted to training at a certain location and the latter is very general, but at least it helps you move around and break a sweat.

But as we all know, things change and with the evolution of technology and smart phone applications - training programs and solutions can now be delivered directly to your mobile device. This is what we call "Remote Training" at HAUS No3.

Stay with us and read below to find out how you can get access to custom design training with Remote Training from HAUS No3 - no matter where you live in the world.

At HAUS No3 we use an application from Bridge Athletic that allows you to access and navigate your training program directly from your smart phone


Remote training is our online training service at HAUS No3 for anyone looking for guidance and expertise with an individualized training program.

By using our smart phone application (BridgeTracker from BridgeAthletic) you get a training program to follow on a weekly basis (usually 3x/week and minimum 12 weeks).

The app has videos, pictures and descriptions to follow as well as ability to record weights, reps and time for future sessions.

The training sessions are done at your own convenience and location, in your gym, outside or even at home. This allows our guests a lot of flexibility and we currently have guests using HAUS No3 Remote Training service in Asia, Europe and Middle East.

In some occasions we have guests that come to HAUS No3 on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for on-site follow up sessions to make sure technique and progression is going according to plan. This is a great option for those who wish to combine Remote Training with regular Personal Training.

Learn more about our different training services here.

At HAUS No3 we use an application from Bridge Athletic that allows you to access and navigate your training program directly from your smart phone with videos, descriptions and other details such as repetitions, weight used and training history. Your Remote Training program is custom designed for you, based on goals, needs and availability to equipment.


At HAUS No3 we offer Remote Training to people anywhere in the world. With our experience, online questionnaires as well as ability to use video for screening, it allows us to gather enough information to give advice and create a training plan towards different goals and needs.

With this said, many of our guests begin with a consultation done on-site at HAUS No3 to find their FMS score, fitness status and to cover the technique on some fundamental exercises. This is a great starting point for our Remote Training service.

If you want to know more about Remote Training or how to get started - contact us here or book a consultation and visit us at HAUS No3 for an on-site visit.

We custom design your Remote Training program at HAUS No3 to fit your goals, needs, experience and access to equipment and facilities.


We believe that whatever you do in life it's important to enter with appropriate expectations.

With Remote Training from HAUS No3 you can expect a training program that has been customized to your specific training environment, goals and needs.

The program will change every 4 weeks (phase) and each training block last for 12 weeks (3 phases x 4 weeks). Each week usually has 3 training sessions per week with an emphasis on strength.

In order for Remote Training to be effective it's absolutely crucial to commit and follow the program along with nutritional advice given to the best ability. No program in the world can be effective unless it's being adhered to, the same goes for Remote Training with HAUS No3.


Here are some words from some of our HAUS guests that are currently using Remote Training;

"After 4 weeks I have dropped from 81 kg to 78,5 kg and I can now run 5 km in less than 24 minutes. Remote Training from HAUS No3 has helped me to get my motivation to training back. Now I love smashing a workout at the gym!"

- Mattias, Sweden

"The Remote Training program I got from HAUS No3 is fun and very easy to follow with the app providing understandable navigation and demonstration videos for the exercises. I would recommend this online training solution to anyone."

- Anne, Thailand

"I always had a hard time knowing "where and how" to start, I would walk into a gym and think "what do I do today" and end up doing things based on where equipment or space was available rather than with a certain purpose. Remote Training from HAUS No3 has given me the needed tools and motivation to get into training and there is a structure and purpose with each element which is great to follow."

- Alessandro, Lebanon

"Of course the optimal would be if I had the chance to do train regularly at HAUS No3 - but since I live in Sweden this works very well for me. I can do the exercise when I have time, report via the app, add comments for alternative exercises, or tips. Despite the long distance to the actual gym I always feel HAUS No3 is very always available to give feedback and support. "

- Johan, Sweden


We hope you now have a better understanding of what Remote Training means and the opportunities it gives you to become a guest at HAUS No3 no matter where you live or where you currently train.

Click here to learn the steps of how to get started with training at HAUS No3, or learn more about our Semi-Private Training option here.

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