3D Training - functional movement with Platform9 from Procedos

After years of working in the fitness industry and being exposed to some of the best gyms, coaches and training equipment in the world, Seth Ronland (founder of Procedos) had gathered enough inspiration, research and knowledge to launch Platform9 (P9), in 2015.

Seth is a veteran in the industry and regarded as one of the top fitness professionals in Sweden (winning the Personal Trainer of the year award in 2011).

Procedos and the product called Platform9 is based on the concept of 3D training (three dimensional training). A training concept that attracted Seth as he traveled across the globe as an educator alongside running his own gym; Breeze Fitness in Ystad, Sweden.


The idea behind the product Platform9 (P9) was founded on creating a tool that could be used for functional training and a training concept that has been coined 3D training (three dimensional training). With ideas taken from suspension training (TRX), loaded movement training (ViPR) and Gray Institute among others, the 3D training concept basically means preparing and training the body for movements in multiple planes and directions, loaded as well as unloaded, for better resiliency and performance in both sports and daily life.

In a short period of time, this seemingly simple product has seen great success and endorsements from trainers and users, including many world-class athletes incorporating the tool in to their training (including professional golfers, world champion boxers, ice hockey players and alpine skiers).


Platform9 is a floor mat with 9 numbered dots strategically positioned in different lengths, widths and angels to mimic variables in functional movements. This provides a lot of options to move within a functional sphere.

When using P9, task based exercises can be prescribed to reinforce and strengthen movement function is all planes of motion; such as lunges, hops, push-up and reach movements that helps to train your body for both function and performance.

The P9 mat itself can be easily folded and stored away to be used almost anywhere. This also makes it a great companion for travel workouts.


At HAUS No3 we appreciate P9 as a training tool, helping our guests strengthen, improve and expand their 'movement map' and to provide positive stress to ligaments, muscle and joints in all directions of movement and at their end ranges of motion in a safe manner.

As movement specialists and coaches, we use P9 at HAUS No3 to structure our training programs in movement training; something that otherwise easily seems like random movements. This in turn gives us a great opportunity to screen for asymmetries or weaknesses in our clients while providing a functional training stimulus.

HAUS No3 is happy to bring the concept of 3D training with Procedos Platform9 to Bangkok, Thailand. We strive to provide a strategic and custom design training experience to our guests at HAUS No3 and Procedos shares our values of training for improved movement competency, performance and health.

If you are interested in learning more about what we do and would like to become a guest at HAUS No3 - click here to book your consultation today.

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