Welcoming our 'HAUS No3 Concept Store'

When we first opened doors, in January 2017, our mission was "to deliver a custom design training experience to our guests in the comfort of a home-like environment".

Close to 6 months after opening, we can confidentially say that we have succeeded in living up to our mission, judging on the feedback we have gotten and the results we have produced.

Now, it's time for the next phase in our evolution and a new mission statement; "to deliver a custom design training experience in the comfort of a home-like environment and to offer items of significance and beauty to enhance the health and wellness for our guests".


Our initial focus on creating our concept store has been on finding useful products and items that can improve the health and wellness in our guests. And since we have a soft spot for beautiful things, this has been another criteria of ours...

We have strategically chosen to go for quality before quantity. At the moment we have roughly a handful of handpicked, personal favorites (S'well bottles, 5 Minute Journal) as well as our own HAUS No3 merchandise (t-shirts, etc) on offer.

Since we are in the initial stages of our concept store, we are looking at expanding our range of products in the future.

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For all of our readers and followers who live outside of Bangkok/Thailand, look out for our future launch of our online store at www.hausno3.com.

This options of online shopping makes it possible for anyone to get their hands on some of our items and merchandise no matter where you live in the world.


We have been receiving several questions and requests about when we will start selling FYSIK products at HAUS No3. When visiting our personal training studio in Bangkok, Thailand you can't help to notice that our equipment is anything but ordinary; crafted from high quality material such as vegetable tanned leather, teak wood and stainless steel.

FYSIK is a brand created from our owners at HAUS No3, Henrik and Amm. For the time being, you can enjoy to use our equipment as a guest at HAUS No3 and eventually the beautifully crafted jump ropes, balls, rollers and dumbbells will also be available for purchase at our HAUS No3 Concept Store.

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At the moment, our concept store is open at irregular times. We strongly recommend that you call or email us before heading over to confirm that we are open.

Our personal training studio is open by appointment only and our concept store follows the same opening hours at the moment.

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Welcome to HAUS No3

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