Semi-Private Training at HAUS No3

An “utopia” is a noun for an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Of course, there is and will never be such a thing as a perfect world, but when it comes to training; semi-private training could in fact be the closest to an utopia you will get.

So, what do we mean by that? Is semi-private training always the best way to train and should everyone do it? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Like with most things, individual circumstances will dictate what the best solution is for you. But if you want to know more about how to get access to a world-class training experience and coaching in a cost effective way; stay with us and read below as we outline the benefits of semi-private training at HAUS No3.

Khun Tirapa and khun Paiboon - two of our semi-private training guests at HAUS No3


At HAUS No3, our brand promise is to offer custom design training. Our training services include; personal training (1 on 1), remote training (online programming with regular follow up) and semi-private training - consisting of a small group (2-3 people) of likeminded individuals looking for guidance, coaching and support in their fitness and health.

If managed and executed well, semi-private training can function as a great middle point and compromise by taking some of the best aspects of personal training (1 on 1) and group training (larger groups) and combine it to form a a cost efficient and dynamic training environment.

Learn more about our training systems here.

Our co-founder and Coach Henrik explaining heart rate training to HAUS guests Johan and khun May


Semi-private training at HAUS No3 is not larger sized group exercise where everyone follows the same program (HIIT, CrossFit, BodyCombat, etc). There are plenty of gyms around that already offer that. Instead, semi-private training at HAUS No3 is built on individual programs, quality coaching and a custom design training experience. We believe that quality coaching can only happen with a group that's manageable in size.

As with all our other training services, the first step for our HAUS guests before starting a semi-private training program is to begin with a comprehensive consultation process: including questionnaires, movement screening, body composition, heart rate measuring, performance testing, etc. We follow this procedures for all our semi-private training, allowing a better understanding of the people we work with.

The semi-private training groups at HAUS No3 consists of everything from families to friends and athletes training together. Usually their training goals are similar (e.g. "healthy, fit, in shape") or follows the same theme (e.g. A group of golf players)

What you do during a semi-private training session at HAUS No3 is totally up to the goals, needs and findings from the consultation. As mentioned, there is no standard protocol that everyone follows as we design our programs individually for all our guests.

However, to give an example, here is what one semi-private training session might look like at HAUS No3 for two people (with similar goals) training together;

Sample program: The programming for semi-private training at HAUS No3 is dictated by preference, goals, needs and experience of our guests.


At HAUS No3, we have made the conscious decision to specialise and focus all our energy on private training only, creating a custom training experience.

By keeping our semi-private training groups small (3 people/coach), our service quality can be upheld to the highest standards, allowing us enough time and attention to focus on the individual and provide hands on coaching based on your specific goals and needs.

HAUS No3 is located in Naiipa Art Complex, Phra Kanong (BTS exit 4), in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you are interested in becoming a guest at HAUS No3 - contact us here or book a consultation on this link.

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