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In this blog post series - "About us" - you have the chance to learn more about the people behind Thailand’s premium studio for personal and semi-private training - HAUS No3,

This week we had a chat with one of the founders of HAUS No3, Amm Tarasansombut.

Read below too find out where she finds inspiration, what she likes to do in her free time, her take on the fitness industry in Thailand and more!

Hi Amm, please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you grew up and how you got to where you are today.

Amm: "I was born in Thailand but moved to Australia when I was twelve. I went to high school and University there until 2009 (for a degree in accounting and marketing degree), when I moved back to Bangkok to work in my family business (in the steel industry)."

What is your favourite thing about living in Thailand compared to living in Australia?

Amm: "Being close to my family and the fact that the city is always buzzing and alive - no matter time of the day. I still love Australia and consider it my second home (I became a Australian citizen in 2009)."

Do you have an athletic background?

Amm: "In high school I played volleyball. After that I wanted to explore my roots so I started Muay Thai and did that for about 7 years. Before I quite I wanted to test my skills and had a amateur fights in Australia. No one in my family actually knew that I was training for a real right, and luckily I won. It was a great learning experience and it taught me to toughen up and that's something I can now use both in training and life in general.

I was introduced to CrossFit when I met my husband and tried that for a while as well, but currently my training regime evolves around doing my own strength training program and running."

What does your weekly training routine look like?

Amm: "I train 5 days per week. I follow a strength training program consisting of squats, lunges, pull-ups, etc. I also make sure that I run 2-3 times per week because I love the 'runners high' feeling. "

Where do you find your inspiration for training?

Amm: "I don’t specifically follow one person, there are many creative people out there sharing their workouts online that I find inspiration from. But I think t's important to highlight that before you copy others, do your research since there is a lot of “bro-science” in what people do. Make sure that you think critically, train smart and do what you can to stay injury free."

Do you have any other interests besides fitness and health?

Amm: "I like traveling and fashion. I get my inspiration from experiencing beautiful places and observing beautiful things."

With many new gyms opening in the last few years in Bangkok - what gave you the idea to open HAUS No3?

Amm: "I vision was to create a concept that incorporated design with fitness in a unique way. We wanted a space that makes you feel like you are at home. In my opinion, a gym doesn’t have to be 'rough and tough'. I believe you can be motivated and work hard in a beautiful environment too."

How is HAUS No3 different from other places offering private training in Bangkok?

Amm: "At HAUS, everything is about attention to details. Starting from when our guests make their booking to when they travel with access to an online program.

We believe in quality before quantity and we acknowledge that everyone is different, has different goals and bodies. Therefore, to get the best out of everyone, all our guests begin their journey at HAUS No3 with a thorough consultation and a movement screen (FMS), allowing us to create a custom design training program and solution according to their specific needs and goals.

The feedback from our guests is that they really feel welcomed and non-intimidated by our space. We put so much effort in to everything in opening HAUS No3. Our equipment is either handmade or handpicked specially for a purpose.

We are also lucky to be in Naiipa Art Complex, surrounded by all the trees and green makes you feel great. We even have a tree in the middle of our studio - that alone is unique."

Who is your dream guest at HAUS No3 and why?

Amm: "This is a very hard question to answer, and of course anyone is welcome to HAUS No3.

But if I had to pick someone it would be amazing to invite Tom Dixon, the UK based furniture designer and creative director of his own brand; 'TOM DIXON'. If he was our guest, perhaps we could teach him something about fitness and in turn he could teach us something about art and design."

Picture: TOM DIXON design at HAUS No3; here his brass collection 'Eclectic'

Currently your role at HAUS No3 is more managing behind the scenes, but are you planning on starting to coach and train people yourself anytime soon?

Amm: "Yes, hopefully soon. I attended an FMS course last year and right now I’m studying to complete the Precision Nutrition course online. Fitness is a big part of my life and I believe that training other people will help me learn and grow as a person as well."

Do you have any role models you look up to in the fitness industry or any other area?

Amm: "My mom. She has been the biggest role model to me my whole life. Not only is she a successful business women, she’s also a great wife and a great mother who I can get advice from anytime.

Another role model for me is my husband. I admire his hard work and work ethic."

Seeing you training, it's easy to spot that you are fashionable and a fan of athleisure and active wear. What are your favourite fitness fashion brands currently?

Amm: "The Upside Sport, Alo Yoga, Olympia and Varley. Recently I’ve discovered a brand called Every Second Counts (ESC) and they also do nice things."

What advice do you have for Thai females that are looking to start strength training but are afraid of getting “bulky”?

Amm: "Bulking up for females is very hard. it takes lots of time and dedication to get to that point so it shouldn't be a concern, really. I think that instead, ladies should focus their training on performance rather than looks, because performance tends to stick with you in the long run. To me, being confident and powerful is a lot more attractive than being skinny."

Where do you see the fitness industry 5 years from now in Thailand?

Amm: "I’m not sure to be honest. The fitness industry in Thailand has grown a lot lately. For example, the running community has boomed since I moved back from Australia. Thai people are more concerned about health and fitness nowadays so I’m sure there will be a many new gyms coming in the future too."

If you had a giant billboard along the highway to post a health and fitness related message to the people in Bangkok - what would it say and why?

Amm: "It would say 'Move everyday'. Because it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you move. And moving everyday always makes you feel better no matter what."

What is the best purchase you have made in the last year for under 2000 THB?

Amm: "My S’well bottle. Because it’s cool, it’s hip. it helps the environment and it fits every outfit (haha)."

If you could only do 3 exercises for the rest of your life - what would they be and why?

Amm: "Running - because its a great way to also explore new places when traveling.

Squats - because it makes me feel strong and powerful.

Burpees - because it never gets easy and you can do it anytime, anywhere."

We hope you enjoyed to read some opinions and thoughts from the HAUS No3 co-founder Amm Tarasansombut.

If you want to say 'hello' to Amm - her email can be found here.

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