Travel workouts made simple

Songkran is here - the Thai New Year - and this means a lot of people living in Thailand are taking the opportunity to go on a holiday and travel. Surely, everyone needs a break from both work and training from time to time, but one of the biggest reasons that people fail to stay fit and healthy is interruptions in daily routines. This often leads to inconsistency in training that can quickly turn in to weeks, months and sometimes even years of inactivity. So we suggest that you always keep moving, and make it a part of your lifestyle. The following text will explain a great way how to stay on track during your holiday and how to keep your travel workouts simple and effective.


While on a holiday or when traveling for work, your time and opportunity to visit a gym is sometimes limited. But with the simplicity of a workout structure outlined below (made popular by CrossFit) called EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute - you can create a workout in almost any space and with minimal time and preparations required. Excuses eliminated, opportunities endless.

EMOM stands for "Every Minute On the Minute". This name reveals the main point behind the structure that is the main reason why we believe it's such a good workout format.

How EMOMs generally work is that you pick 1 or more exercises, decide on how many minutes your workout will last as well as how many repetitions to do each minute. Once the timer starts, you then perform X amount of repetitions at the start of each minute for as long as the workout lasts. Whatever time it takes for you to perform the repetitions, you rest for the remaining time of the minute before starting over again at the start of the next minute.

Disclaimer: at HAUS No3 we believe that training (with a specific purpose and designed specifically for your needs) trumps exercising (random, less specific movement and usually with the main goal of simply burning calories); so therefore we strongly recommend that you get guidance and help from a coach on what movements to chose for your EMOM. It's beneficial if your workout is designed towards improving your goals and that it's appropriate for your movement proficiency and background. Book your consultation at HAUS No3 here and we will help you with a movement screen and advice on how to structure your own EMOMs.


There are endless of variations of EMOMs, essentially only limited by your own imagination. But for the sake of keeping things simple, here are two examples of EMOM workouts;


- 10 minute EMOM of 15 squats.

Description: At the start of every minute, perform 15 squats. Rest for the remaining time of that minute and perform 15 squats again at the start of next minute. So if it takes you 35 seconds to do 15 squats, your rest time will be 25 seconds for that particular minute. In other words, the faster you perform your repetitions the more rest you get. Repeat this pattern for 10 minutes to perform a total of 150 squats.


- 20 minute EMOM of:

A) 10 push-ups on uneven minutes and

B) 16 lunges on even minutes.

Description: In this case you will alternate movements between push-ups and lunges to give your muscle groups a longer break essentially. Good combinations of a couplet EMOM (two exercises) is to pair upper and lower body, front and back or push and pull exercises.


When designing your EMOM, you would pick exercises mostly based on your movement proficiency, goals and equipment available. To chose the amount of repetitions to do, first time you try a new EMOM you most likely have to gauge that based on experience and predictions of how many you can perform. The total duration of your EMOM (how many rounds) will also have a big impact on the total volume (total accumulated repetitions) and how hard the workout will be. As a general guideline, stay below 50% of repetitions of what you can do maximum in one minute. So if you can do 40 squats maximum in 1 minute, start off with not more than 15-20 in a 10 min EMOM format.


EMOMs are great in making time go by fast and the timer will keep your focus on the next round ahead, minimizing procrastination. Another great thing about the EMOM structure is that you can easily repeat a workout following the exact same standards (total time, rest time, etc) and only make minor changes in amount of repetitions or even total rounds, thereby making the workout progressively more challenging. This allows for a simple way to track fitness progress over time and sets a competitive environment that motivates you to improve your fitness over time.

In summary, the simple structure of EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute) will keep your workouts time efficient, measurable and effective. From experience, this format is superior when it comes to juggling training with traveling and to keep things consistent and simple.

We hope that you found this post useful and inspiring. At HAUS No3 we begin all our custom design training programs with a consultation that includes an FMS movement screen, increasing your awareness of how you move. This awareness is essential and allows for greater ownership of your own training, and ultimately your health.

Have a great Songkran and if you are fortunate to have some time off to go on a holiday - enjoy and use your time to find balance between movement, nutrition and recovery.

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