Movement Screening at HAUS No3

We see it at all the time at different levels, from world-class gymnasts and acrobats, in precision sports like golf, activities such as running and also with infants and babies learning how to roll, crawl and eventually walk.

We are talking about human movement; the language of how we express ourselves physically and perform in athletics but also how we get out of bed, walk from A to B and how we function in daily life.


If you take your time to observe human movement you quickly discover that it is more to it than simply body parts in motion, as there will always be different expressions and levels of quality and precision, stability and mobility as well as confidence and strength. Once you start to look at movement from this point of view you will begin to appreciate this enormous, synchronised and complex mechanism a whole lot more.

With this said, there should be no doubt that smooth and efficient movement patterns is what creates the foundation for all physical activity, both in and outside the gym.


At HAUS No3 we prioritise quality of movement before quantity. This is why we teach our guests how to move well before moving often.

We use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to screen, establish a starting point and to set a baseline for movement in our guests. The FMS, developed by Gray Cook and his team from Functional Movement Systems, is widely considered the most accredited screening system in the fitness industry. FMS is currently being used by many professional sport leagues and teams (Premier League, NFL, NHL, AFL, IPL, NRL, etc) as well as the most advanced performance centres and premier fitness facilities in the world.

Here is a short summary and explanation of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS):

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) was developed by physical therapist Gray Cook in 2001. It's a 15-minute evaluation that consists of seven simple unweighted movements. By rating the quality with which one can achieve these movements (scale of 0-3) provides a very useful diagnostic tool for coaches and movement specialists. The FMS is the entry level and minimal baseline to be done before starting a training program. Much like your blood pressure will be checked as you enter a hospital, the FMS is there to detect any signs of dysfunctions in movement patterns before developing a training program. Once the FMS is done the findings will then be used to design the training program and correlated with any necessary corrective exercises or temporary avoidance of certain movements that might negatively influence health. The FMS is then regularly used and re-tested by an FMS certified coach to check progression and what effect the training program has on movement patterns in terms of static and dynamic stability and mobility.


At HAUS No3 - FMS is used as a standard to objectively measure 7 fundamental movement patterns (squatting, lunging, stepping, mobility and stability) that are all fundamental to human movement, in sport as well as in daily life activities and for all age groups and demographics.

We strongly believe that nobody can escape the need for good movement in the long run. Having a movement screen to measure and a corrective system to follow (corrective exercises and strategies) is very valuable and our attention to movement quality is greatly appreciated by our HAUS guests.

By using the FMS at HAUS No3, we can detect any “red flags” (pain, etc) or unveil obvious asymmetries and limitations in stability or mobility in our guests. The findings and information we gather from the FMS provides us with objective feedback to build a custom training program.

HAUS No3 is proud to be the only place (gym, fitness club or studio) in Thailand to offer the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as a standard operating procedure for all our guests.

As the education provider for FMS (our founder Henrik Olofsson is the FMS master instructor in Asia), HAUS No3 is dedicated to continue to lead the way in offering quality private training (personal training and semi-private training) services in Bangkok.

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