Heart Rate Training at HAUS No3

Monitoring the heart rate while training is one of the many ways we integrate technology in the experience at HAUS No3. The information we get from heart rate training (HRT) is invaluable as it allows us to create custom designed training programs at HAUS No3.

Below you will learn more about the 3 main reasons why we like to measure heart rates with our guests at HAUS No3.


First of all, heart rate training (HRT) is measurable. All our guests wear a heart rate monitor during their

training and therefore we get instant, objective feedback on our guests status when training. This means we can measure metrics such as; average heart rate, max heart rate and calories burned throughout sessions and entire training blocks as well as monitor recovery on off days as well as activity levels outside structured training.

In summary, the data we get from HRT is only available with the use of a heart rate monitor - a simple yet very powerful tool that we utilize and that sets up apart at HAUS No3.


One of the biggest benefits of HRT for our guests at HAUS No3 is the interactive experience it brings. Since HRT directly responds to your efforts it will provide feedback of your input (cardiovascular intensity level) via displayed heart rate (output).

In essence, seeing what's happening to your heart rate in real time adds another dimension to your training and this is something our HAUS guests appreciate, especially during steady state cardiovascular training (providing a positively distractive element).


Although virtually anyone can have access to a heart rate monitor, what it really comes down to with HRT is not just the numbers themselves, but what you do with the information and how to use it in your training.

Knowing what to do with the information from a heart rate monitor is more complicated than simply observing and this is when an expert in HRT is needed. Thankfully, our knowledge and experience at HAUS No3 from using heart rate monitors allows us to interpret the information we get from HRT and use it effectively in our custom design training programs.

Finally, HRT (heart rate training) at HAUS No3 is how we provide a custom design experience to our guests. The information and engagement we get from monitoring our guests' heart rates is another one of our differentiators that ties our Training Systems (Screening - Technology - Coaching) - making HAUS No3 the leaders in personal training services in Bangkok.

Read THIS post to learn more about how to get started at HAUS No3 and book your first visit (consultation) HERE.

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