Our Training Systems

At HAUS No3 we deliver a custom design training experience that is guided by our training systems.

With a systematic approach we can analyze and measure what we do and therefore constantly evolve in how we deliver private training (personal training, semi-private training and remote training) to our guests.

To explain further, our training systems are built on the following 3 key pillars;


Screening is where everything starts for our guests at HAUS No3 and it is a continuous process throughout the training journey. From the first communication (via our pre-consultation and during every encounter and repetition thereafter, some type of screening is always taking place.

As a standard operating procedure at HAUS No3, we use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) from Functional Movement Systems, to screen movement, stability and mobility. Having the backup and support from FMS (our founder Henrik Olofsson is a master instructor and education provider for FMS in Asia) is a seal of quality and a guarantee that we prioritize movement in our training services.

At HAUS No3 we value quality of movement before quantity, and with screening as one of our 3 key pillars of our training systems, we can look at movement critically to help our guests achieve results with an individualised training program.


In a rapidly evolving world, we adapt some of the most useful advancements in technology at HAUS No3 for fitness tracking, data collection and even convenience of booking.

With our personalized approach to training at HAUS No3, we can go further in depth and capture feedback and add value for our guests; such as heart rate monitoring (from Polar), online programming (from BridgeAthletic), velocity based training (from PUSH) and real time power outputs with flywheel training (from Exxentric).

At HAUS No3, we believe that advancements in technology should be used to its full capacity and in the favor to deliver a custom design experience to our guests. This is why fitness technology is one of our 3 key pillars of our training systems at HAUS No3.


A less quantifiable but perhaps the most important part of our training systems is our coaching. Our coaches at HAUS No3 have a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge to foster independence and ownership of our guests fitness and health. This approach is integral for how we deliver private training (personal and semi-private training) at HAUS No3. Our coaching standards are guided by a network of subsystems and qualities that is driven forward by a constant thirst for sharing of knowledge and experiences internally as well as to our guests.

In summary, coaching at HAUS No3 goes beyond teaching proper form and motivating higher efforts on the gym floor. Coaching at HAUS No3 also includes help with habit and behavioral change, nutrition coaching and other lifestyle related coaching that ultimately leads to better health, fitness and wellbeing in our guests.

We believe that quality of coaching in the fitness industry is extremely important and therefore "coaching" is one of our 3 key pillars of our training systems at HAUS No3.


Thank you for taking your time to read about the 3 key pillars that support our training systems at HAUS


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