Become our guest at HAUS No3 - how to get started

All things are not created equal and this is certainly true when it comes to personal training services that can vary widely in experience, value and results.

At HAUS No3 we specialise in one thing; private training (personal training or semi-private training). Our main focus and expertise is on delivering a custom design training experience according to our guests' goals and needs. And before we begin to design a training program, nutrition plan and give advice - we begin with a thorough consultation and screening process to find the baseline and starting point of our guests.

Below you will find more details what you can look forward to experience during our consultation - your first visit to HAUS No3.

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We value time as much as you do and this is why we ask our guests to fill out a form ("pre-consultation questionnaire") prior to their first visit. This is where you will get a chance to share your background, history and goals so we can prepare accordingly.

We use an online form for this and it is a great way to establish a starting point and save time as we know more of what to consider and prioritize at your first visit to HAUS No3.


As you find you way to HAUS No3 and Naiipa for the first time we ask you to plan for at least 60 minutes for the consultation and kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. The consultation involves movement so please dress for a training session as you normally would at the gym.

We provide water and face towel as well as lockers, changing room and shower facilities including towel. Free parking (2 hours) is also offered for our HAUS No3 guests unless you chose to travel by BTS (Phra Kanong station, exit 4) or taxi.

- Body vitals

The consultation begins with a check of important metrics such as blood pressure and resting heart rate. This part of the consultation is done at a low intensity and gives us a necessary baseline of your body vitals.

- Body composition

It is no secret that most people that we meet wish to lose some body fat. But even if weight loss is not the main goal we still need to capture circumferences and in most cases body fat (by skin fold caliper from Harpenden). This information is crucial to track when your body transforms from the effects of the nutrition strategy and training program.

- Movement screen

At this stage of the consultation our guests begin to move around a bit more. At HAUS No3 we value quality of movement as one of the most important factors to consider before designing a training program. We quantify and measure movement by using what is considered the world leading tool for movement screening; the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

FMS is a part of our standard operation procedure for setting a movement baseline with all our guests at HAUS No3. In some cases we also use additional assessment or even modified screens (e.g. M-FMS) to get appropriate data so that we ultimately can custom design a training program and give recommendations to our guests.

- Performance tests

Depending on background and goals of our guests, we finish the first visit and consultation at HAUS No3 with some basic performance tests. This is done to establish the starting point of our guests' fitness levels and it gives us the information we need to custom design a training program and set realistic and motivating goals to work towards.

Performance testing on your first visit is usually done with simple bodyweight movements and low skill endurance tests that are reliable and easy to facilitate.


Once the consultation is done we provide you with a complete "Guest Report" that includes all your results from the visit including comments and recommendations. Our guests have no obligations to enroll in a training program after the consultation but the information gathered is enough for us to design a custom training program according to your background and goals if you wish to become our regular guest or enrol in remote training.


This sums up your consultation and first visit to HAUS No3 and hopefully it has given you a better idea of what to expect and look forward to as our guest. We offer a convenient online booking service - CLICK HERE to schedule your consultation at HAUS No3. Simply chose a time and day for your consultation that suits you and we will confirm once you have submitted your booking request.

We look forward to see you soon - welcome to HAUS No3.

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