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“I’ve lost over 15kg training at HAUS No3 - but more importantly, I’ve now managed to make it a habit of being active everyday and live a healthy life"

Pui & Na
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““The private and personalised environment and the trainers focus on how you move every step are my two of my favourite things at HAUS No3""

Pui & Na
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I’ve been to loads of gyms in the past without results, now I've lost over 15 kg, The difference at HAUS No3 is the effort that goes in to the program with focus on movement rather than just lifting heavy"

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"I had to stop play tennis for 9 months but now my body is functioning again and I can play tennis again. I’m thankful for the breathing techniques I've learnt since it has really helped me in my rehab training and I'm happy every time I come here. 


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